Saturday, March 10, 2007

Movie Review - Pachai kili Muthu Charam

Sarath Kumar is a quintessential specimen of Chennia Bourgeounicus, characterized by a Nokia 1100, San Frisco trousers (you gotta look carefully) and daily hour long train rides. He has a son (with Juvenile Diabetes). Warning ladies... if your son/daughter has Juve Diab, then there is a high chance that your husband could stray. So please take care. Ok. that was the warning I wanted to add to all those people who searched for Juvenile Diabetes on google.

Andrea is the wife. Son has acted in a few other ads. As a family they have made enough money to live in a nice house. Have a Hero Honda bike... and as Arjun in Mudhalvan succintly puts it in Sujatha's words, "Saturday Titanic, Sunday beach" life...

The story in short. Sharath gets close to Jyothika, thinks he is in love... she says she already is, wants to escape atleast for a day, her abusive marriage. Gets raped by Milind Soman, who then blackmails the couple for money. To tell you the truth... i just cannot imagine someone who was callous enough to cheat on his wife, could dole out 8 laks to save another woman. A typical Thamizhian would fold all other fingers but his middle finger if someone asks him money. Anyway... Sarath later realizes that he has been swindled and all hell breaks loose in Hyderabad and Chennai. Hey. BTW. That was a spoiler.

The things that stood out for me are the dialogues. When Sarath confesses of his affair to his wife. And her reaction seemed outlandish... but then what do I know about human relationships? Anyway an attempt was made to bring in realism to the dialogues which is more than we can expect in a Thamizh movie.

Also Jyothika's seemingly innocuous efforts in seducing Sarath. Everytime she has the opportunity to go 3 inches she goes a mile... makes him feel guilty for a lot of things that he did naturally, makes him think she is a victim, and makes him take responsibility... well written.

Harris Jayraj either knows only two tunes, or has short term memory loss. This album is just Khaaka Khaaka and VV all over again. I dont know why people still flock to him.

The movie is watchable. Songs should be avoided. You see more of those wannabe dialogues along the lines of 'Freeze' and 'Raghavan instinct'... the "Make love to me" line I guess was used in Khaaka Khaaka too. I guess realism is not needed in a few things. I prefer bushes shaking and parrots kissing to this trash. Also, it made me think... would Andrea have watched HBO / STAR Movies? Chennai has CAS... and hers is a lower middle class family. Maybe she read Mills and Boone... I really don't know... Ok bye.


pavan kumar said...

I had this deja vu feeling, and then realised that this story is a Derailed rip-off.. what say?

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yes it is a 'tribute' or 'inspiration'... whichever way you loko at it. Infact Goutham Menon hiimself says that it would not be financially feasible to mention 'Derailed' in the credits.

I liked the movie because there was nothing to hate in it... or maybe I was just too sleepy.