Saturday, March 10, 2007

Music Review - Oram Po

After the first listen to the songs... the one thing that stands out is the percussion usage...just as in Veyyil. Really loud strong percussion sounds dominate all the songs. The choice of singers too does not redeem this album. Very ordinary album. Either that or I do not know about music.

Kozhi Kaalu
Jassi Gift and Kailash Kher lend their voices to this repeat of Veyyilodu Vilayadi. Loud, and upbeat with a toad with a gastric problem droning in the BG... this time it is not Jassi Gift that irritates you but the toad in the BG. The interlude with the base guitar and quasi Panjabi screaming only adds to the irritation.

Kan Ganapathi
T Rajendhar... doesn't he know that the mike can record his breathing too? Why does he sing with saliva in his throat? And asshole... the next time you speak about Thamizh, I am going to get medieval on your ass with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. Doesn't the self professed 'son of Thamizh soil' know the difference between the Thamizh La and the the bigger LLA ? Why does he say Caaallllege.. Naalllllu (for four) and LLLIsans (for Licence)... Naanens. Anyway I dont know what to hate more, Teeyar or the song itself.

Idhu Enna?
Starts out with something similar to "Pogatheee Pogatheee" from Deepavali. (I meant the strumming). So why do these guys think if they add an echo to the male voice, it automatically becomes a melody?

Yaar Iravinil
Sivamani and Sunita Rao... with the toad making a surprise re-entry in this song. Its gastric problem is less muted but the reek is no different. This song sounds too wannabe.

Theme Music
Supposed to be a rap. Whats with the toad !!!??? WHy does it make an appearance again in this song? Shiva Shambo Shambo... AMBOOO.. this album is for the dogs. It ias just GV Prakash getting to know more about adding loops on Acid Music.

Sanjay. I wasted 50 MB of good memory space for this album. I might have to delete the "Azhagesan" folder. Sorry VJ.

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