Monday, April 23, 2007

Movie Review - Unnale Unnale

This is in response to some of those reviewers who have praised Unnale Unnale... Well let me give yo ua few more reasons to praise the movie.

Tanisha... she has completely forgotten the movie was Thamizh and lip synchs for French dialogues. She introduces herself with... "Enakku friends na romba pidikkum...". Reminds me of the hordes of male profiles in TamiMatrimony that claim "They like having fun". Hehehe.. I always would suggest that they extend that nugget with,"I like to be happy but don't mistake me... I am not gay". It is sure to get everyone's attention.

How is it that everyone seems connected to every other person in the movie? So hero falls in love with a girl, who is suspicious of him and breaks off, So he goes to the same obscure Australian city as she lives, without knowing about it. So he sits next to a girl who just happens to go to the same city in the same continent... AND who is the room mate/friend of his old flame. I expected to even see the air hostess in the Australian flight to appear as one of their friends in the coffee shop.

The coffee shop owner!!! That irritating guy with thick glasses from Ullam Ketkume, is everywhere. He suddenly appears on both sides of the love story and gets stuck like fast drying cow dung. He is a hard to remove smear. He is a totally unnecessary character in an otherwise also unnecessary movie. The dialogues... apparently they were very good because quite a lot of youth in the theatre associated themselves with it. "Ponnunga paatha Just looking.. Naanga paatha alayaroma ?".. If that was the basis for the tiffs of 'lovers'... I urge you guys... please turn away... or better stil, turn gay. There is no reason to continue with your present relationship.

The story could be writen on the back of a postage stamp. It is not worth mentioning in any review. The story is so insipid that the director had to use 4 songs as a filler during the second half.

The hero looks and laughs like he has the answer to all relationship questions, but is eternally confused between the two girls. Sada looks like his elder sister when she wears make up. Tanisha as the bubbly open minded alternative to the morose suspiciuos Sada is a movie cliche in any language and can be comfortably ignored. The Ulam Ketkumey guy has to be murdered. The rest of the cast is better swept under the carpet. Shameful.

The music is the saving grace. So if at all you want to spend money or time on the movie, download the songs from Tamilbeat. It takes 5 minutes and it gives you twice as much fun.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Movie Review - 300

It has always been a dream of mine... to watch a movie.. first day first show... I am a nerd. A HUGE nerd. I am glad I did it for this movie. So Sathyam theatres... Friday morning.

The movie... is everything I had expected and more. It is not everytime a viral marketing campaign on the internet works... we saw it falter miserably with Snakes on a Plane. But with 300, it worked and the movie made 150 million.

There is a theory that I propose for a viral marketing campaign to suceed. A VM technique is all about expectations... and 300 in all its simplicity, herded all those expectaions towards one narrow gully. Every single person who wanted to watch the movie, expected blood geysers, mountains of gore , and lots of adrenalin pumping in choreographed fight sequences.

We got that... and much much much more. 20 feet tall elephants, a mad charging rhino... ogres, scheming hunchbacks, killing, maiming and slicing through flesh... mountains of dead people , Punch dialogues all through out... and ofcourse I dont think anyone would have played Leonidas better than Gerry Butler. 300 is a case of getting much much more than what you expected during a VM campaign. And the VM campaign makes you expect LOTS of some very small thing.

This movie also works because it depicted the randomness of a war with all the rigid planning of a Spartan. The dialogues would put Liyaquath Ali Khan to shame... Wish Hari and Perarasu would watch this movie and learn hwo to write punch dialogues. Every character has a cool thing to say in even the most hopess situation... and sells the line so damn well !!! Vijay !! your punch dialogues in Pokkiri are kitten mews.. compared to this. I am ashamed and would never watch another Vijay movie again.

300 is a must watch. In the theatre. Playing in Sathyam and INOX. I do nto know how long INOX is going to be up... but watch it. I myself plan to watch it atleast 3 more times.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Music Review - Sivaji

Wow !!! Wow!!! no words to describe it.. Sivajeeeee... What songs ! I cannot wait to watch the movie.

1. SPB... Incomparable singing... (who else but SPB for an opening song for SS ?)

2. Phenomenal lyrics... (Where else can you get Kaveri Aaru and Idly chutney in the same line??? but in a Sivajee song ).
Ayyanarukitta Aruval vaangi thaan Pencil seevalamey ???
Abdul Kalam atom bomb vangi Diwali kondadalamey ???
Why not ? if you are already feeling like you have adrenochrome in your veins!!! But makes you wonder is he the same SS who asked you.. "Poo Parikka kodaali edhukku?" in Muthu. Adrenochrome is a strange drug... ask Hunter S Thmpson.

3. Spirited beats (Dholak... Was sivamani cloned TWICE to record for this song? Poor Dholak). I would not say this intro song is better than the one in Basha. But hey this is... COOOL !!!!! :D.... kewl. I want to see SS lip synching to it. Single most hilarious moment in Thamizh movie history.

Athiradee Kalam!!!
When did SS become a Telugu actor ?? I can imagine Prabhas dancing to this... Ginger and Cinthol are being rhymed. With ARR singing he could rhyme Orange with Butter Jam...
Sayanora ? Really ? Someone named you 'goodbye' the day you were born ? They must have heard your thamizh accent. :-). Amazing.. and Roger Moore must be flattered that he is being compared to Rajni...

Vaada Vaada Vangikkada. Sooda Sooda Masaal Vada.
Oh... Quentin... do you think you are the only person to have machette sounds in your soundtrack !!?? ARR goes one step beyond.. starts out with the sound of an aruvamanai flying about and composes one entire song with other household sounds... like banging aluminium kadais, bedpans being emptied and the bowel movements of someone suffering from indigestion. Take that QT. You know ARR is way better. There is also the sound of an old Jimi Hendrix LP being scratched up for good measure. 'Kewl' :-).

Follows up with lyrics like..
Vaada Vaada vangikkada. Vaila Beeda potukkada !!!.. Pah !! Well I suppose Sivaji is an NRI who opens a vegetarian mess in Gobichettypalayam. That atleast explains the indigestion part.