Thursday, April 05, 2007

Music Review - Sivaji

Wow !!! Wow!!! no words to describe it.. Sivajeeeee... What songs ! I cannot wait to watch the movie.

1. SPB... Incomparable singing... (who else but SPB for an opening song for SS ?)

2. Phenomenal lyrics... (Where else can you get Kaveri Aaru and Idly chutney in the same line??? but in a Sivajee song ).
Ayyanarukitta Aruval vaangi thaan Pencil seevalamey ???
Abdul Kalam atom bomb vangi Diwali kondadalamey ???
Why not ? if you are already feeling like you have adrenochrome in your veins!!! But makes you wonder is he the same SS who asked you.. "Poo Parikka kodaali edhukku?" in Muthu. Adrenochrome is a strange drug... ask Hunter S Thmpson.

3. Spirited beats (Dholak... Was sivamani cloned TWICE to record for this song? Poor Dholak). I would not say this intro song is better than the one in Basha. But hey this is... COOOL !!!!! :D.... kewl. I want to see SS lip synching to it. Single most hilarious moment in Thamizh movie history.

Athiradee Kalam!!!
When did SS become a Telugu actor ?? I can imagine Prabhas dancing to this... Ginger and Cinthol are being rhymed. With ARR singing he could rhyme Orange with Butter Jam...
Sayanora ? Really ? Someone named you 'goodbye' the day you were born ? They must have heard your thamizh accent. :-). Amazing.. and Roger Moore must be flattered that he is being compared to Rajni...

Vaada Vaada Vangikkada. Sooda Sooda Masaal Vada.
Oh... Quentin... do you think you are the only person to have machette sounds in your soundtrack !!?? ARR goes one step beyond.. starts out with the sound of an aruvamanai flying about and composes one entire song with other household sounds... like banging aluminium kadais, bedpans being emptied and the bowel movements of someone suffering from indigestion. Take that QT. You know ARR is way better. There is also the sound of an old Jimi Hendrix LP being scratched up for good measure. 'Kewl' :-).

Follows up with lyrics like..
Vaada Vaada vangikkada. Vaila Beeda potukkada !!!.. Pah !! Well I suppose Sivaji is an NRI who opens a vegetarian mess in Gobichettypalayam. That atleast explains the indigestion part.


Howard Roark said...

It seems ARR has offered 1 lakh rupees for anyone who can understand and sing the song "Athiradee"

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Then do i get atleast some money... for understanding, Shananana, Billa Ranga basha... and ofcourse Roger Moore ?

Mysorean said...

Well, I see that more than the music the lyrics is your pain point. Fair enough. I think you have your right to air your disappointment over the lyrics.

I loved the music! Ignorance (of tamil words) is bliss! :)

Escape.... Great Escape said...

i do not listen to thamizh lyrics either. I felt there was a terrible lack of creativity and class in whatever music Rahman dishes out for Rajini.