Monday, May 28, 2007

Movie Review - Pirates of the Caribbean

This is one of the most confusing movies I have ever watched. Let me give you the plot details... and you decide whether this movie is worth the 150 minutes you are going to spend on it.

In the first two movies, there were only 2 groups of people, and there werent too much of double crossing or triple crossing. In this, there are four groups of people, with subgroups inside them, that double, triple, quadruple and penta cross, completely crippling the story and our interest factor in the movie. In the end, the movie makes you wonder if this is what Crazy Mohan would come up with, if he had to write an action movie.

OK let me give you the storyline.... Just drag your mouse over the blank section to read the text... Spoilers start here.
See, basically this movie is about Geoffrey Rush, meeting Chow Yun Fat, to bargain for the map the Davey Jone's locker, where he can find Jack Sparrow, with whose help he can get to the Shipwreck Island, where 9 different pirates can decide on... Wat to have for breakfast.... and debate.. PIRATE LAW !!!

In one of the scenes, a character quips, 'does Jack plan all this or does he just make it up as he goes on...' I have a feeling the writers were talking about themselves when they thought it up. The sequences are pointless to a large extent, some of the dialogs are confusing and the reasoning completely ad-hoc. For example, why does Turner's father, at the end of the movie say... "You know she cannot come with us?",
when he very well knows Swann has already been to the Davey Jone's Locker and has returned successfully?

What is the initial intent of trying to get Jack Sparrow back. Was it to kill Davey Jones, or was it to reach the Shipwreck island on the Black Pearl, one of the fastest ships on earth, or... what?

There also seems to be no specific logic in the kind of deals people made... I frankly do not know when deals were made... through email maybe? because frankly there could not have been so many deals forged without some sort of lightning communication. And if Chow Yung Fat already had a deal with the British, why did they attack him at his bathhouse? Hmm.

Finally what was the rationale behind Becket not firing even one shot while two ships cannonaballed him?

Spoilers ended there... and see this movie is going to be released in Sathyam. I would advice you to not go near Thousand Lights for the next 1 month or so. I am sure there would be a huge yuppie crowd which is going to come out saying "oh what a 'mind blasting' movie"... or words to that effect. YOu would end up wanting to bash their heads in with a cricket bat...

This is a gloriously pointless movie... it would have been nice if the director had intended it that way.


Aru said...

Well . I came here from one of my friends link.This is a general comment after having a substancial read of your blog. i am impressed with the way you have handled and that has made me read through a lot of your posts..But on the other hand ..

I can feel that you have a penchant for thumping on directors for giving bad movies but you have to stop this approach to actually enjoy the various niceties in a movie. Throughout the posts i have seen a axe hand in your critic over a movie. . But you can write really well and your choice of words is excellent. no offense intended , just that you can write better if you take a neutral stand on a movie !!..

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Thank you,

Usually if I like a movie, I rarely have anything to say about it. On the other hand, if I hate something... I have a million reasons to hate it and I write abotu them.

Karthik said...


how do u make the words appear by dragging mouse thingy?

as for the movie, it was a lousy one, especially because they mistook an indiana jones movie to be a schindlers list one and decided to pile on excesses not needed at all!! there was no fun, too much father issues, and bloated fighting scenes!! waste of time and money!

now if only they had let swan (or is it swain) and sparrow get together.......hmmmmmmmm!!! ;-)

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Just as you would copy it.. hold the left button down and drag it.

Hehehe... what would be the outcome of the union? A swallow ?

nishpeak said...

dei great escape,

Congrats!! You have set a new record this month by writing 11 movie reviews in just one month. Good luck and hoping for more reviews in future.


Escape.... Great Escape said...

Hehe. yes. heights o joblessness. There is a movie festival in Chennai that i think will attend. IT will make 2 movies a day.

Anonymous said...

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