Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Movie Review - Wild Hogs

John Travolta, William H Macy, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen decide to do something about their completely washed up lives... and take a bike ride to the Pacific... I should say the story was almost autobiographical. None of these actors have done anything better than act in Sunday school plays in the last 4 years... unless you want to count Martin Lawrence as the bear with a Brooklyn accent in "Open Season".

The supporting cast of this movie also sounds like someone had run a fishing net through the sewers of Hollywood. Once great now discarded actors like... Ray Liota, Marisa Tomei make appearances and hold onto the movie like dud limpets.

Apparently this movie was intended to be a comedy... but clearly what has happend was that the writer had known only two 'funny' words in the english vocabulary. One is 'doodie', and the other is 'gay'. So we are doled heaps of the first and bushels of the next. We are treated to jokes like Macy bagging his poop because he is a computer programmer neat freak. We have a buff highway patrolman really liking the idea of four grown men sleeping together and wanting to join them. He follows them around and appears only when one of the four men or all four are undressed.I think those ideas are so much of a cliche that even writing about them became a cliche 10 years back.

On the whole, this is a movie that can be safely avoided. The story seems like something the 'Sideways' folks kept aside with a pair of tongs, and the jokes are straight out of something Bill O Reily might read in the restroom. The cast is actors even Hollywood is ashamed of and the movie... something that would run very hard and quickly to the Razzies.


S.Ganesh Kumar said...

You too seemed to have disliked 'Crash'.Read mine.I too hate it because it's pretentiously 'anti-racist'.
By the way,my interest in watcing 'English movies' has increased.(Of the 20+ English movies I've seen,I've watched 8 of them in last 2years itself.)Waiting for a good review from you.http://sganeshkumar.blogspot.com/2006/11/get-paid-to-watch-these-movies.html

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

//And ganesh.Be on the look out for more from Frank Miller. Sin City 2 is oen other similar movie,though it would almost certainly not feature 1800 abs.//
You're referring to my admiration of the 6 pack abs which all the 300 Spartans possessed.(In 300 film.)
300*6 abs=1800 abs.Right?
Nice joke!