Sunday, June 10, 2007

Movie Review - The Illusionist

I had previously ranted about the dearth of good whodunits in Hollywood. The biggest problem in Hollywood is that most of the times, the scriptwriter would get caught in a rut of cliches, and the 'uniqueness' in any story would be aimed at breaking those cliches. Most of the times it fails. It fails like in "The Perfect Stranger" because the plot in itself is too weak, and in "Primal" because it becomes too self involved and convolutes too much.

The Illusionist is somewhere in between. It does not try to go the beaten path of trying to break down every movie cliche. Nor does it try to pose like a really intelligent story, that is intended to give you a walloping surprise at the end. It is just a very well executed, well acted and well written movie.

Another way of looking at this movie. See, every generation has its own "Primal Fear" or "Sixth Sense". The generation that gets astounded by "Sixth Sense" might always think that "Primal Fear" is not such a great movie. "The Illusionist" has the capacity to become a cult whodunit, if you discount the fact that there are more cheats in this movie than either 6th Sense or Primal fear. You would certainly like this movie if you have watched neither of the two movies I had mentioned.

Edward Norton is such a powerful actor. He fits the role of the Illusionist pretty much like... I dont know.. like Arjun suited the role of the 'Gentleman'. Perfect casting. Paul Giamati as usual plays a person who tries to work things out. he is always trying to solve some problem or the other, be it Sideways.. where he tries to work himself out, or the Lady in the Water where he tries to work something out for the narph.

I have a feeling the Illusionist is one of the better movies I have watched this year. Had an engrossing story, and all the 'magic' in the movie is not really magic... The magic really only happens at the end of the movie.


g3p said...

i luv da 'prestige' more!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Will be watching that movie shortly.. dont get the movie in india.

I saw it was rated better at the rotten tomatoes.... (by 1 percent though)

pavan kumar said...

The Prestige and The Illusionist were released at same time and follow a 'similar' skeletal plot (debatable)..

these are the WYSINWH (what you see is not whats happening) category (like Oc'11)

Prestige is a must-watch

Escape.... Great Escape said...

yes. and I suppose Christopher Nolan would have come up with a much better fare. And i have super high regard that guy Bale.

But not as much as I have for Ed Norton.

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