Friday, June 08, 2007

Movie Review - Oceans 13

Oceans 13... I do not want to sound hackneyed on my own blog... but yes... this is one more big star extravaganza that fails to impress. After Spiderman and Pirates, one more self involved, pretentious and magnificent dud.

I have a feelign the failing point of this movie is that it is not smart... but it plods on, focussing on essentially stupid things, trying to scam you into believing that this is all really smart. It is like a obtuse student changing the colour of his ink to bright pink, in a vain atempt to impress the teacher.

Supposedly smart men, exchanging inside jokes, short conversations... got boring half way through Oceans 12. In the third you want to smack the obnoxious smile of Clooney's face. The purported camaraderie between men seems too tortured. Sodderburgh has been second guessing himself on the dialogues, and it seemed as though he would have thought to himself... ok you are expecting me to write this.. so I wont write this.

The heist?
The huge heist, as usual improbable, is explained only in the last few seconds of the movie. If revealing everything at the end, without giving us clues about it, is supposed to be smart film making, then please make each movie a 5 minute powerpoint presentation.

Electronic Gimmicks?
A computer that apparently tracks eyeball size, from a distance of 10 feet, and can measure heart rate (wireless heartbeat?) and sense increase in temperature and blood pressure. It is the central nervous system for security measures in a casino, but can apparently be shut down by blowing a few remote switchboards and sending in a 'magnetron' in the form of a... slim cell phone... Why not?

And hey guys, I can never understand the ability of a computer whiz... to hack into ANY computer in the immediete vicinity with just a laptop and a toothpick. This movie is almost like a cartoon when it shows the tech superiority of the rat pack.

Loaded dice that can apparently turn over to either one or six on the touch of a button, obviosuly undetected, and automatic blackjack card dealers that seem to throw out only blackjacks. Not to mention roulette balls that can settle on 13 everytime.

The non electronic 'gadgets' are even more messy.A tunnel digger... that has dug the chunnel is transported right from France to Las Vegas and is used to simulate an earthquake... imagine the logistics involved... A yapping dog sound making device, completely pointless. And so... after all that these guys have done, did they have to send hookers to the stuntman's cabin to steal his clothes? Come on !!! I am getting irritated even pointing out the logical erros in the movie.

The Oceans series??? Good in the first, OK in the second, Intolerable in the third. At the end of the movie you think, if albeit one of the best minds in Hollywood can only produce this, I do not think there is too much hope for Hollywood. Seriously speaking, the last movie that was even decently interesting was Memento. The rest have all been gimmicks.


Sankar said...

dai loori,
how are you writing reviews of movies that haven't even released yet??? enna source?

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Dai.. it's been released in India. Managed to watch it even before you guys got to watch it... Sathyam... check out

I suppose.. there are a few movies here that I have not watched, but yet have reviewed... :-). But this is not one such movie.

pavan kumar said...

.."there are a few movies here that I have not watched, but yet have reviewed"..

hmmn, interesting.. would be great if they come with a disclaimer :)

as reg. to Ocean's 13, I have been reading similar things.. 12 was a disaster, so I guess 13 is better not mentioned, huh? thanks for saving me $8

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I did watch this movie... but definitely not movies like, NAI, Karuppusamy, and Emtan Magan...

I did manage to sit through Veerasamy. I do not think I watch a lot of the Thamizh movies that i review. Mozhi, paruthi Veeran, Periar ahd Chennai were exceptions.

g3p said...

momento wasnt even frm hollywood. its british. watch Nolan's 'prestige'. waitin fr ur review !!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yes. i guess i made a mistake in that. Memento was a really good movie, but by then... The Ususal Suspects, Primal Fear and the Sixth Sense had sort of settled in.

Memento, I suppose was the most difficult movie to decipher among the lot.