Sunday, June 03, 2007

Movie review - Sivaji

Gentleman Part 5 =
Mudhalvan Part 4 =
Indian Part 3 =
Anniyan Part 2 =

/I am officially bored
//I am going to boycott this movie
///This will be my review for the movie


nishpeak said...

Hi Great escape,

Since you are terribly bored i recommend 2 movies
1. The lives of others
2. Trainspotting.

Since you have missed the chance of being a waiter, try for some page 3 or 4 whatever parties with a tuxedo and you will be able to wear one.


Naren's said...

C'mon man don't deny urself some crazy electrifying entertainment by avoiding Sivaji..Now don't tell me you look for new stories out of each film u watch....that is impossible...if that doesn help just try unleashing the child in u and go enjoy this movie...ATB for getting the tkts......

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Nishant!! yes.. i might actually get my face on the papers. Atleast on Deccan Chronicle.

No. I do not look for 'new stories'.. but I sense some kind of idiotic irony.. when two of the most expensive movies in TN are made about improving Thamizhian's standard of living... and not a paisa of this money goes back into society...

Frankly it bores me to death. If the ticket costs me 150 Rs, I would muhc rather put the same amount into the Vidhyakar whatever...

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I will watch the first movie... I have already watched Trainspotting a couple of times... one amazing piece of work.

I plan to watch Rushmore a fwe more times to while away idle time.

nishpeak said...

Well if i interpret it right, the film makers are trying to improve the society by their thought provoking movies, just like the politicians who are trying to get rid of caste system by having reservations.

Reminds me of the south park episode where the boys decide to boycott record labels.

Will watch 'Rushmore' sometime this week.


Ravi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I did not know Mangal Pandey was costlier. Rajni movies follow a set pattern, so don't expect anything new. Anniyan for most part made no sense, but it was an entertainer. Sivaji would be a better fantasy.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I suppose watching Rajini movies is one way you could 'keep in touch with India'... if you are living outside.

There can be no other reason for this mad rush for 'Thalaivar' movies. I know a couple of guys who had thought "Annamalai" was a university, who are suddenly talking as if, they have lived, breathed, smelt and tasted Rajini all their lives.

ela said...

Hi Escape,
I think 'sivaji' will be a rajini brand 'swades' kind of movie..

g3p said...

sir..plz don miss thalaivar's muvie.. i promise dat it wud b another 'paisa vasool' entertainment.. the stills released is superb!!!

i wud luv 2 read ur review on thalaivars film.. :)