Monday, June 18, 2007

Music Review - Sathampodadhey

Noway is this Yuvan's best so far... but one of his better efforts. I would start out with my favourite.

Pesukiren - Sung by a few girls called the Viva Girls. Maybe their big break... they might have been heard only in bars before. Their voices blend pretty well, I think there are two of them. What is more interesting about this song is the choice of instruments... one interlude with the trumpet... playful at times and whimsical sometimes... is definitely loopable.
The second interlude too has someone getting innovative on the guitar. This song is the pick of the lot... especially when the chorus kicks in... Adangamaleeeee. Will be my favourite for a few days.

Kadhal Periyadha?
Sudha Raghunathan asking whether lust is better or love is bigger (or must it be the other way around?)... Why does it read incongruous but sound better? This would sound really nice if you have a good sub woofer. The effects are amazing. Other than that, nothing great... the trumpet makes a re-appearance in the interlude and the beat remains the same.

This song somehow sounds like a remixes of one of those Ayyappa songs, a progressive beat, and Shankar Mahadevan jamming. How does he not laugh while singing such idiotic lyrics?

Entha Kudhirayil?
Prananaadha??? :-(.

Indha Kaadhal
Yuvan HAS to sing in each of his movies... right ? And he essentially sings the same song over and over again.


Howard Roark said...

Did U get to hear "Urchagam"? Music by Ranjit Barot...


Escape.... Great Escape said...

I did listen to Urchagam. Was impressed. And BTW Illayaraaja has released a new album... called "The Music Messiah". Listen to it, if you otherwise havent gots to.