Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Possibilities of 300 - part 2 ?

I recently read a report that mentioned that Snyder and Miller might actually work on a follow-up to 300. THe article also mentions they might actually recreate one more magnificent Greek war in CGI splendour. So I went ahead and compiled a list of possible Greek wars that could be the seed for next movie.

1. Ofcourse the Battle of Marathon. It would be a good idea, and the story is highly dramatic

2. A remake of the seige of Troy would be redundant

3. The Peloponnesian Wars... but do you not want to watch Greeks battling other Greeks?

4. The battle of Salamis, where 350 Greek ships battled 1000 Persian ships. The battle was won by the Greeks. Could be a nice movie. Xerxeus witnessed this battle and would be a great follow-up to 300

5. Ofcourse the Battle of Plataea, where Xersus was eventually defeated. More common characters and high on interest value

6. Battle of Amphipolis is a war between Sparta and Athens... Athens lost 600 and Spartans 8 guys. That would be a treat.

7. Euremedon, another sea battle, that inflicted ehavy casualities on the Persian forces.

I suppose Amphipolis, Marathon, followed by Salamis (my personal favourite) followed by Plataea would be the choice. I would personally like more greeks speaking in Scottish accents irrespective of what war is being depicted

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