Sunday, July 15, 2007

Movie Review - Mr Brooks

Unremarkable movie with a good cast. Mr Brooks offers a brief insight into the hows of serial killing without bothering with the why. The why is sidelined to just being a 'family trait'... if only the serial killers of the world were a slightly more respected lot, they could sue this movie maker for over simplifying the 'whys', and for making serial killing an almost partisan characteristic... like diabetes.

Mr Brooks at one point of the movie says... "Selecting a person to kill is almost like falling in love. If the person you select does not do it for you, there is no point in killing him." My thought was.. ayyyayyyyayyyo.. Arivu kozhundhu annein.. killi vaila daan potukanum. Though you got to give it to the director for presenting an interesting concept, he falters in not maintaining our interest in the storyline because of such over-simplifications.

There are million sub plots in this movie, and the way all the sub-plots have been interwoven, as usual, seems contrived. Mr Brooks's involvement with the detective, and her reasons seem to be more important than why Mr Brooks even wants kill. All this apart, there are certain areas that are still good. Some inside jokes between Mr Brooks and his alter-ego, especially when the blackmailer Mr Smith talks about doing anything perfectly, are minimally interesting. I am not sure if this movie is goign to be released in Chennai, but even if it is, will not be worth a watch.


Anonymous said...

i didn't seee this; backed an uncanny feeling that it would try to overachieve..

i have to see the movie you reco'ed...meanwhile here's one for you..i saw it recently and i loved (i mean loved) it..nine queens

any future movies you're gooing to see?

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Nine queens in Spanish (I think) was excellent... but the one in English called Criminal, with John C Reilly was a bit tedious.

I am now getting Ratatoulle, will watch it and write about it. BTW Janand was here last week and the fellow never even called me!

Anonymous said...


i guess he had some cousin's wedding to attend..i have sent him 1-2 emaisl but he has not responded..i guess he is busy 'pilliandafying' in the kalyanam

haven;t seen ratatoulle yet, plan to see it this weekend..heard it is good

you know sundar mama is going to join you for good?

Escape.... Great Escape said...

yes we spoke... when he was here. could not bmeet up though.

I can understand... janand the official pandhi announcer and Poli suppier... must have been a busy weekend.

Anonymous said...


what do indian channels have to say about tendulkar da? it seems like the man can;t play a game without 5-6 former cricketers predicting and then analyzing his batting?

he's played 18 years and scored 26,000 runs da..i don;t believe the nonsense i see about him everyday..he's "selfish", "powerless", "useless", "playing for his place"

Escape.... Great Escape said...

This has been the cycle for over 2 years now. The 'critics' would come up with inane statistics, about how in-effective Sachin has been... over the last couple of seasons, and then he would come up with one super knock. This was something we discussed some time back. These 'critics' judge Sachin very differently. Not like they judge 'mere mortals'.

SO it is like this. They put someone on a pedestal and make some money out of it... and then drag him from there and then make more money out of it. Not many famous people have had a decent exit from the spotlight.

That apart, frankly cricket HAS become a sham. I still remember those days when India managed to win a match and we genuinely felt happy about it. Even school the next day was not the same. That feeling is tough to come by these days... and when India loses, I feel a vague sense of happiness these days.

Almost like.. "Oh these guys deserve it... ", which is not exactly a positive feeling. That does not speak highly about me either.

S.Ganesh Kumar said...
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Anonymous said...

Ratatoulle epdi? worth watching?

btw i saw black friday today..definitely among the better movies i have seen recently

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Ratatoulle is not bad... BUt not as good as Ice Age or Finding Nemo.

Havent watched Black Friday yet..

Anonymous said...

arajagam!!! not the first time i have not approved!! we will never get them if this goes on!

Sankar said...

dai loori... ennada romba naala updates onnum illai...

Patrick Roberts said...

i had a feeling Costner would make some kind of a comeback... plus it's interesting how Dane Cook went from stand up comedian to starring in a ton of major movies