Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Music Review - The Music Messiah

You sometimes think, if a person is a genius, why would he have to boost his own public image. My initial reaction to the self titled album... was that. You cannot fault me, this would not be the first time Illayaraaja has tried something like that.

This album is interesting in that, there is an underlying story to the tracks (10 in number), and to quote the producer, Agi Music, "Agi Music provides a storyline for this album. Nevertheless, Agi suggests the audience to imagine their own version of the story to digest the music and motivates the listener to interpret their own meaning of the story which is hidden in this musical work." :-/. That is my version of the 'one sided dismissive smile'.

OK, in order for you readers to derive all the nutrients from his music, let me guide you through it.

1. Primordial Music - This is supposed to signify the natural music of the earth... starts with what I think is an oriental flute (I assume it is that, because on hearing it I am reminded of Kung Fu masters practicing their art in silhuoete... ). He lends his voice, and the opening firmly establishes the stamp of Illayaraaja... with a few violins wailing in bits and pieces. Just before the song gets to you, there is a change in track, in order to signify the yang of the Universe, the music suddenly turns dark. This is supposed to signify that the earth has its dark elements also. There has been an attempt to include 'earthy' bass instruments in both this song and the next.

2. Paradise - No flow in this. Why was the dark element in the previous song? This song starts on an upbeat mode, and reminds me of one other Illayaraaja composition. "Kala kalavena Mani Osai'... I liked that song, like this too.

3. Revelation - I have this one more crib against Illayaraaja. Why does he build up so well, and suddenly let you down? His sons too have the same quality. Uvan in 'Yaaro'.. in Chennai 28. he builds up pretty well in the song before he just wraps everything in a hurry with "Anbe Vaaaa" hey hey.... and a few unsettling drum beats.

4. The Jealousy of Indra - Apparently in the 'musical story', Indra the god of creation becomes jealous of the 'good music'.. the 'Ying' in the universe. The song starts out on a nice loop at the end, but then there is no continuation.

5. The curse of Indra - Indra was Jealous of the 'earth music'. So he curses. Must have pretty low standards.

6. Lust Anger and Greed - If you are following the story so far, this is teh sad part of teh album. Babies cry, violins wail really slowly... give it to Illayaraaja to make some really sad music. He excels. At the end of the sog, a baby laughs. I suppose that would be God trying to revert the curse of Indira.

7. The Music Messiah - The god ponders what to do. Hmm.

8. The Omnipresence - Hmmmmmmmmmmm

9. The Sacrament - God tries to re-invent music... to calm the minds of the people. It sounds like mood music / ambient tracks, with Native American shakers and davara tumblers rolling in the background. This Song reaches Indra, and he is rendered impotent.

10. The Redemption - The first track is replayed again, with a few fringes. The album ends.

I hope you 'digested' the album. I did, and this was the result. I hope you could get atleast a 'waft' of it it. Putrid.


Howard Roark said...

Let the curse of all the Gods fall upon U for speaking bad about Illayaraaja. Let Ur ears be bestowed with the capability to listen to only the music of Anu Malik and S.A.Rajkumar :-)


Escape.... Great Escape said...

Dei Naadas,

Where did i speak badly about Illayaraaja. i did speak very highly about some of his albums... like Thiruvazakam in Symphony. But this was just very pretentious.

Mathi Ezhil said...

Quite correctly said,I bought this CD sometime back,i could find traces of the genius ,save those pieces this album was a cold n sterile composition which might be technically way too good but then the buck stops there.
A poignant review :)

Anonymous said...

why don't u urself compose songs rather than reviewing one's faults! u people are experts in criticizing someone. Why dont u urself make an album and we'll then decide how worth ur criticism is and how much knowledge u have in music!

try it! we'll decide ur potential!