Saturday, December 22, 2007

Movie Review - Vattaram

I searched high and low for a review for this movie but since i could not find one that reflects my opinions of this movie, I felt I had to do the intertrons a service by writing one...

The movie, "from the stables of Saran"... or so someone had said las tyar when the movie came out. It is not only horses that come out of the stables.. but also horse excreta in solid liquid and gaseous forms. vattaram is a mixture of copious amounts of all three forms. Charan, must have thought, he is some kind of god of remakes after making Vasool raja... for he has attempted to remake a guy Ritchie style of movie in Thamizh and has failed magnificently in it.

Ok let me begin... there is this guy Naazar, who gets on the wrong side of Napoleon.. who is the head of the Vattaram... an international weapons smuggler and real estate kingpin. These guys talk abou 'projects' whose figures usually compare favourably with the GDPs of of small countries. They go by the names of "Ira", "Burma" and "eera"... i suppose that makes it easy for screaming when they are "thookufied". On a parallel track.. it would be really tough to yell out the villains name in the Slavic countries. Wonder how they would manage it.

Anyway, in the beginning of the movie, Nasser is thrown out of a chair that Napoleon likes and so gets killed. This irritates Aarya who vows revenge on nappy even as a kid. In order to emulate napoleon, he too starts his own small arms trade... and I mean human arms. He slices a few off here and there, and makes small time money. He also learns english parallely.. so that he can read up on guns. Apaprently there is a paucity of good books on revolvers in Thamizh... he earnestly explains in one scene. Oh the travails of the gangsters these days. Thol Thirumavalavan... are you listening !!!???

Now, Aarya, who goes by the name of Burma and Verma at various stages of the movie, suddenly becomes the right 'arm' man of Napoleon... hehe... and goes about his Shakuni business. He kills off Nappy's aides in some of the some of most badly thought out sequence sequences, that even a half wit in an inebriated stage could figure out who is upping all the men. It is truly a wonder that guys just keep their mouths shut because they are more afraid of Aarya than Nappy. Nappy who once said he would want to be the dead man in the death house.. and a groom in a marriage house... mouths one more memorable dialogue in Tamil. he says "I cannot catch leg and all and come up".. and falls to his death.

Saran, the director must have watched a few bad remakes of hollywood gangster movies, and maybe he thought they were gems. I really do not know why he would want to bring in 'slickness' into Thamizh tripe. However smart the screenplay is, you do need guys like Dennis Farina and Jason Statham atleast to carry off gangster movies... We just do not have the man-power for that. I wish Saran would udnerstand that. The story is not bad... but the screenplay could have made use of a few more grey cells, and the cast could have been better than statues, and pockmarks...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Comment on the Remix Billa

Am I tone deaf ? Or is Yuvan tone deaf ? Are some of the instrumental peieces in the remix completely dischordant ? (Abaswaram)... especially the whistling... and some of the humming.

Is it supposed to be that way ?

I cannot imagine someone who made "ARiyadha Vayasu" making such a horrible mistake...