Sunday, December 02, 2007

Comment on the Remix Billa

Am I tone deaf ? Or is Yuvan tone deaf ? Are some of the instrumental peieces in the remix completely dischordant ? (Abaswaram)... especially the whistling... and some of the humming.

Is it supposed to be that way ?

I cannot imagine someone who made "ARiyadha Vayasu" making such a horrible mistake...


Howard Roark said...

And to top it all, the songs are 'Supposed' to be a HUGE hit!!! I was feeling that the songs were irritating and overdone with theme music stolen from scary movies & stupid EA game titles.


The Individualist said...

Oh? Haven't listened to them, yet. Talking about abaswaram and sruthi seraamai, did you listen to the non-remix songs in Polladhavan?
- runs to the washbasin.