Monday, January 21, 2008

Movie Review - Evano Oruvan

Have you guys watched this movie called "Falling Down", with Michael Douglas in the lead. He is a normal guy... walking across town to his wife and kid, and he meets many dubious characters along the way who either prey on him or have some sort of weirdness which angers him enough to destroy them. In "Evano Oruvan", the situation is the same as Falling Down, pitting a frustrated middle aged man and a sympathetic cop against a corrupt city.

Evano Oruvan is different from "Falling Down" in a few ways though. The protaganist is just too damn self righteous. Most scenes in the movie is kind of morphed from the original. Douglas has an initial confrontation with a Korean convenience store owner. In this case, it was a Marwadi asking for 2 rupees extra. FD had an arms seller instead of a drug peddler. The kind of people they both meet are the same, and results are the same. But, the reasoning in between is significantly different.

MD in FD, loses rights to see his family, loses his job, his car breaks down, gets caught in the traffic, and that day is probably the hottest day of the year. That causes the frustration. Madhavan refuses to pay capitation fee for his daughter (because he feels that is wrong) and so does not get the seat, and he gets shot down by his manager for not approving a loan without enough documents (once again because he is too damn straigh forward). Do you see the differences between the two ? His line to his wife about himself "trying to do something about the situation" also sounded too cinematic considering his back-ground.

What I did not like about Madhavan's Michael Douglas was that Madhavan sounded too "Oh I am great"ish. D-FENS (character nick-name in FD) is more of a 'normal guy' like one of us. He normally would not care about paying the 2 rupees extra, but on that day, he snaps... because of the heat and because of his divorce. That 'just that day' reason did not click because Madhavan sounded too preachy in all his monologues. He keeps repeating how straight-forward he is, and how corrupt everyone else around him is. I felt that the character needed more frustration inducing reasons to snap the way he did.

I am not saying this is not a great movie, because I compare it with FD alone. I feel EO eventhough is a great concept, does not make use of it totally. EO certainly does not give the "this could happen to any one of us" feel intended by the director. Inpite of that, this is a fairly good movie, but not one of the best to come out of Kollywood last year. Tamilians seem to think anything that is 'different' is also 'good'. Cannot blame them with movies like Bheema, ATM and Kaalai floating around.


Sarang said...

"Tamilians seem to think anything that is 'different' is also 'good'."

Slight correction: Change Tamilians to Indians and it wouldn't be too far from the truth. Yes, different movies are nice to see but when faults exist, it is better to address them right now so that these 'different' movies do not become staple food later.....

Escape.... Great Escape said...

And yes, that is because they lack exposure to other movies. But actually, I would like to see 'different' movies becoming staple... that would mean people have started experimenting... and ultimately things would improve.

This is what Madan... the film critic means (i think) when he says Thamizh cinema is still a kid. Too young yet to experiment.