Thursday, January 03, 2008

Movie Review - Billa

  • The first Thamizh movie to be shot entirely outside India.
  • The movie would have only been half its length if people had walked in real time rather than in slow motion.
  • Everyone in the movie.. except Santhanam wears dark glasses... every brand.. even the ones bought outside Valluvar Kottam were tried out.
  • Some really sick attempts at trying to 'characterize'.. like making Prabhu eat someting in each scene he filled... hehe.. It worked in Oceans 11.. and Brad Pitt is a few hundred pounds better than Prabhu
  • There are a few gangsters who serve no purpose other than stopping a few speeding bullets with their chest. I mean no dialogues or anything for them... Just braids and dark glasses.. and ofcourse walking around in slow motion.
  • There were just too many cheesy shots... of people grimacing and conspiring... trying to make the plot sound complicated. Hell !!! There has already been 3 movies with the same storyline !!! Can't we just take a break on the 'suspense' part?
  • Ajit looks his part... that of a aged guy with bags under his eyes... trying to pass off for a smart young gangster. 9thara tries hard to be sexy... but in the far east, I am sure you can find a few transvestites who look a lot better than her.
  • Namita is best forgotten. There are some contrived dialogue sequences with her that takes neither her nor the story anywhere but into the gutter.
  • The movie seemed like a quilt.. a patchwork of a few mandatory scenes.. from all the earlier versions.. with insipid dialogues and worse performances. Just because this quilt was knit and packaged in Malaysia does not make it any better than any other movie reviewed here.


Naren's said...

And you definitely can't appreciate some good cinematography and music...

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Music ? IT was third grade. The remix of the Billa song alone is proof enough.

Bleaching everything and showing 9Tara's and Namita's appendages by low angle shots.. is not 'good cinematography'.

Slow motion shots of fight sequences are ok for 5 minutes... but a really sloooooooooow shot of a gun or a sword falling to the ground.. once again is not 'good cinematography'... it is not even 'new style cinematography'.

Your said...

cant agree more. too much of defying gravity and scene freezes.

Migrating Thoughts - Ramblings of a Mind said...

This movie was a joke.... Prabhu's character was supposed to be an important role, but it was a joke;) too many slow motions... w/o that hte movie wuda been done in 30 mins.....