Friday, February 15, 2008

Movie Review - Indralogathil na Alagappa

The last decade of my life, I would have probably watched 300 - 400 a year. During this time, I always keep tabs on the worst movies I have watched each year. Last year, it was Veerasamy, and the year before that was Perarasu. And frankly, each year, the worst movie is usually decided in the latter half of the year. But I Na Al takes that dubious distinction even in the first week of February. I am sure this would be the worst movie of this year... maybe this decade. It would take T Rajendar, Rob Schneider and Sam Anderson here to make a worse movie. I am sure it is not going to happen this year.

Vadivelu, seems to be too high on himself. I wonder what he is taking, but his perceived self worth seems to be skyrocketing. Statements like..."Naan kuduthathaidaan Ketkiten..... adhil enna thapu irukkiradhu ? And sila maanidar kadanai vaangikondu sandoshamaga irundhuvittu, thiruppi kudukka thuppu illamal tharkolai segiraar. adharku naana kaaranam?" seem tobe targeted only at Vadivelu's personal life.

This movie is definitely not like "Imsai arasan". IA had topical humour, great political commentary and a half decent storyline. The storyline in I Na AL seems to be straight out of a skinimax movie. Most characters seem to be outlined only to satisfy our perverse senses. Be it the female leads or the various characters donned by Vadivelu, the humour borders on the distasteful, and the theme on the idiotic. The director has gone out of his way to impress you with seemingly interesting stuff, and dishes out a Vittalacharya plot coated with Jayamalini like dances and some really cheap computer graphics. He tries to increase interest by infusing a moral dilemma about death, but it is worse than a kindergarten picture book. Plus, he gives Vadivelu a chance to show his emotive powers.. at the end of the movie, and we get a cheap imitation of Thiruvarutchelvar.

This movie is a sure avoid.


Sankar said...

I watched the movie the very first day and couldn't stand it.
Also, I didn't want to waste time writing a review for this one either.
Just posted a one-liner in my blog...

ICE HAMMER said...

hi.. im a new blogger reviewing tamil films.. ive linked urs.. pls link me back