Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Movie Review - Thangam

A eulogy to a great comedian

I think Goundamani is to comedy what Sachin is to cricket. Gounds has cured me from fevers, heart attacks and gastro problems. Sachin usually does only fevers but he is good too. Coming back to Gounds, I was excited just to think that he was going to make a comeback... with Sathyaraaj... (after the forgettable Manmadhan sequence) in Suyetchi M.L.A... I do not know what happened to the project, but I could not even find clippings on the net. Then news came in that they were pairing again in Thangam. Scenes from Pangali, Maaman Magal and Nadigan.... came to mind. Gounds saying "Paper Roast Sapdunga.. Liver ku romba Nalladhu"... Gounds in front of Meena's house in Maaman Magal... I could go on. But, 'Thangam' pales... infact is 'extremely' anaemic... when compared to all those earlier great moments in world cinema.

Think about this. Vadivelu has now become the king of 'udhaar'. Vivek thinks he is a new age NSK... with all those idiotic messages. Ada Paavigala!!! and speaking like M.R. Radha. Gounds cut his own path. Most people remember Gounds for all those 'Thenga Thalaya' and 'Manga Mandaya' dialogues. Those are the kind people I carefully avoid. They are shallow, peripherial and self centred people. They do not enjoy Gounds saying 'take the tonty faiow'... or "I three love you" to My deeyar Dia. They only see him kicking Sendhil in the butt and equate it to physical humour. Those people are boring. They cannot udnerstand nakkal. What is the use of talking to such people?

Nakkal. Gounds revived the age old art of Nakkal in thamizh cinema. The one and only king of Nakkal... who with just a sentence... like "Seri edu po" to the "Kosu"... Oma kuchi Narasimhan in Sooriyan could keep us in splits for almost 30 seconds. Someone who could nonchalantly say.. "Idhellam sarithrathla ezhuduvanga... Pasanga laam notes eduthupanga..." when he was just being invited for questioning in Sooriyan. The sheer thenavattu of our thalaivar which was projected strongly in each of his roles, has never been replicated by any other comedian so far. I am not sure whether anyone else willl in the future either.

Coming back to "Thangam", what can I say ? I only went to watch Gounds. he disappoints. He takes a few punches at Simbhu.. for his Kaalai and Rajini's Chandramukhi, and makes one half decent joke. He calls an ara mandayan (who was stealing river sand) ... and says enna da thalay kooda vaara mudiyadhu.. nee Mannu vaaraporiya ?? PODA. He takes pot shots at Vijay and Ajith too which are too idiotic to mention here. He tries to remix some of his old jokes, and he references the stupid vazhaipazha joke in one sequence. All these point to only one thing. Our dear Gounds has lost confidence in himself.

I only hope, Gounds gets his confidence back, and comes up with a stellar role in his next movie. I will not give up hope on him.


Gayatri said...

I completely agree! My fav Goundamani joke is when he says "aaya madila nee okkara mudiyaadhu, un madila vennumna aaya okkaralam" in Maman Magal!

Gounds, start the music :)

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

Goundamani also rocked in Vallal,I think!Somehow,Gounds is badly out of form.I do not have much hopes though.

S.Ganesh Kumar said...
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