Monday, September 01, 2008


The story is a simple short story. Coming to think of it, it could even be straight out of Malgudi Days. The story has everything that would make us close the book with a smile… and a drop of a tear. It had normal characters, uncomplicated emotions and very believable situations. A great story is the recipe for successful movie. It is now up to the cook to execute it well. What can go wrong?

Enter Pervert Vasu. Our untalented hack of a chief cook, who already had the dubious distinction of mauling Manuchithrathazhu into an unholy lump of fermented bagasse called ‘Chandramukhi’. With that amazing achievement on his resume, we could have only hoped for something better than that. You would think it would take stupendous effort to maul one more Malayalam movie… but then the pervert surprises you. It is like he is able to immediately spot what is great about the story, and makes it his mission in life to stamp his mark of ‘Pervertitude’ on it. He then moves on to the next best thing in the story and repeats above said process. He is tireless till he is able to chomp the seemingly good story into an unidentifiable mass of refuse that cannot even be recycled.

So, what was good in the original that the pervert targeted first? The most charming factor of the story was its simplicity. What do we get?

We get overblown characters who ham all the time. Pasupathy who thinks he has to even cut hair like Sivaji Ganesan plays the Nadaswaram.

We get Meena who thinks she has to dress up like a newly married woman who comes to Shoppers Stop to play a poor barber’s wife

We get Vadivelu who, in the name of comedy does everything except come even close to the funny bone. His comedy is a sure cure for people who had inhaled laughing gas. He has invented anti-comedy in this movie.

The last few scenes, even though are touching can not salvage the movie. Rajini sells his role very well and Pasupathy does his dialogue bit which was supposed to be killer, but falls flat.

The movie looks and feels like a beautiful porcelain creation, painted in chrome and placed as bumper decoration in a national permit lorry. Neither does it serve the purpose nor are we able to appreciate its beauty. Pervert Vasu has stamped his ‘class’ all over this yet again. Sreenivasan must be crying blood.


Kaushik said...

I agree with almost all of your reviews, and I sure do love your writing. I don't know if you were just too busy to write one on Kuselan, but I was just too exasperated that I had to...would love to hear your opinion on it.
PS: I would like to add you on my blogroll, hope you dont mind, btw, may i know your name please :D

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Did that :-). And Thanks. !

Kaushik said...

Wonderful, thanks for making me feel better.
Peee Vasu ozhiga.