Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Educated India loses perspective

This write-up is not one more 'knee jerk' reaction to what happenned. 

What was wrong in RR Patil saying this is just one more attack? Maybe it was too soon to say it... but wasn't that the truth ? Where were the Simi Garewals and the Shefali Shahs who so vehemently oppose RR Patil now, where were they, when Hyderabad was bombed last year,or when  Delhi was bombed 2 months back ? How different is this attack from those? There were intelligence reports even then. Why not blame politicians then and blame them now?

Why are people like Krish Ashok asking for a week long paid vacation for the NSG commandos at the Taj? Is he insunuating that people should be rewarded for doing their duty? What crap? Where is his perspective? The the bunch of hooligans supporting this write comments too about it, saying how great he is to have suggested it. Stupidity. 

Why should RR patil climb down from power ? Why should Deshmukh climb down ? Will this be followed by the Navy Chief / Coast Guard chief / Army chief / NSG chief climbing down too? Why not the entire country just resign ? The sad part about this is that we do not even know where the problem lies... and the chief of staff just resigns. So everytime there is a terrorist attack, people on the top lose jobs? So that fresh people could make the same mistakes yet again? Such callous quitting when people are in dire need does not even happen in companies. 

I got this email saying Abhinnav Bindra got 3 crores for winning the Olympic gold and the NSG commandos who lost their lives got only 5 laks. What is the guy who wrote this complaining about ? That Abhinav Bhindra is a useless nincompoop who does not deserve the money? Or does he mean to say every soldier who shoots his rifle and dies in the line of duty should get 3 crores too? Is the guy who forwarded it even thinking straight?

What is Simi Garewal doing on a panel discussing terrorism and why is she asking people NOT TO PAY TAXES for one year to teach the politicians a lesson. I propose she be put in jail for saying that. That is the most unpatriotic comment I have ever heard. 

What are the news channels doing with Simi Garewal / Arjun Rampal / Farook Sheikh on a terrorism panel accusing the Deshmukh kid and Ram Gopal Verma of having a Taj tour ? Why isnt anyone questioning the credibility of Simi Garewal / Arjun Rampal in commenting about the present situation? WHAT !!!!!

India as a whole has lost perspective about the situation. They are collectively acting like that Keralite commando's father. In their anger / confusion they just say whatever comes to their mind.. and accuse whomever they want to without pausing to think what they are saying. This is truly a sad sad sad sad country for having the educated public acting the way it is now. 

I just have pity for the Mumbai resident. More so for the entire country ganging up and celebrating the 'Spirit of Mumbai'... (enough of that) than for the actual terrorism. When it uses that phrase, the entire country is behaving no differently from that condescending Bhurka Dutt.. who said "I know you will pull through" to the family of the bereaved... live... on air.. just so that she would look good to the rest of the country. How does such 'lip service' matter?


Krish Ashok said...

In a village, when the doctor saves somebody's life, farmers often give cows, goats, rice..whatever they can afford, as a gift of gratitude. This is despite the fact that the doctor was, after all, doing his duty. People get bonuses at work too. I cant quite understand why it is a loss of perspective if a reward is suggested for commandos who do their duty. Seems to me that in this whole mess, they were about the only group of people who did theirs.

If one were to extend your logic, why should there be "Man of the match" awards at cricket matches? Surely, all the cricketers were just doing their duty by trying their level best to win, so why the special reward? Why Param Vir Chakras to soldiers merely doing their duty?

Now, of course, if your disagreement was not with the notion of rewards and recognition and you do agree that these men deserve a little more than their meagre monthly salaries to save lives, and your precise disagreement was with the apparent luxury of my suggested reward (a one week vacation at a 5-star hotel), then there is no disagreement. Mine was just a suggestion. Im sure the powers that be will determine what constitutes a good reward for these men. From my side, I think that people like soldiers, firemen, and commandos put their lives on the line every time they do their "duty", so the occasional reward for that is not quite "crap" or a "loss of perspective" I would think. Of course, we cannot pay our soldiers 3 crores each, but surely, a vacation is affordable, especially if its not funded by you, the taxpayer and instead by the Tatas, dont you think?

And oh, about Simi Garewal, Im fully with you. In case you are planning a inkpen mission to stain her stupid white and white clothes, count me in.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Thank you...

Perspective loss is when you focus on unimportant things when there are other pressing concerns. It was just one of the few things I brought up. I felt the entire country... on all channels, including the 'blogosphere' seems to focus on trivial things.

This irritation was intensified because I really do not know what the important issues were... only that the ones being addressed are completely unimportant.

You said the NSG seem to be the only people doing their duty. Then you probably forgot about the hotel employees who went beyond their line of duty. I felt they deserved it more. what about the guys who caught the idiot kasav... who are they ? Did they go beyond and above their 'duty'?

About the man of the match comment... I feel it should be scrapped too. After all it is a team sport. I think we would differ in that.

The deal with rewarding doing ones duty need not be unique to India... but never the less a despicable one. It is similar to paying a bribe to do one's duty. Shankar would have strong comments about it.

About me getting bonuses, either is it given uniformly through the company or i am rewarded for an extra bit of work above and beyond my line of duty. The HR have stringent measures for that. Everyone is a capitalist.

All paid vacation would be a tax write-off for the Tatas. So either our money or our perceived money is lost.

meanwhile, I still do not know what are the main 'issues' to talk about. Just that the ones that we talk about are useless.