Thursday, December 18, 2008


If you happen to watch Vijay TV in the morning... between 7.30 and 8.30, you would see many of these soothsayers peddling their wares. Now, there are believers and non-believers. I envy the believers since they are gullible enough to believe that the colour of their rings could change their destiny, hence boosting their self-confidence. I envy the non-believers for throwing such irrational ideas out of their lives. I am neither of those. I am the amazed spectator. I am the unintrusive learner. 

What is find interesting is their effeciency and the modus operandi. There is this guy, who suggests modifications and kumbabishekams to temples are remedies. He asks you to pay the money to him and he would perform the remedies. He has a bunch of contractors whom he drives to make those modifications. HE performs the kumbabishekam and uses those videos as marketing snippets for further business. What is he actually ? He is just a construction co-ordinator who has innovative ways to gather business. Nameley "Kuladeivamaana Muneeswaran". Amazing. I wish we could sell software that way. 

There is this guy who says he can change your destiny by changing a few vowels in your name. Apart from just infusing confidence in the gullible, what he is doing is downplaying all the importance given to how great Thamizh is. Most of his name changes are only in English. AS long as people like him are present, the completely useless and irrelevant "Thamizh Movement" started by the Kazhagams cannot fly to any great success. 

There is this guy who suggests you make Rava idly everyday in the morning and feed it to kaakas around your house as a remedy. Apart from giving confidence, he makes the person's life structured and makes sure his kids get a healthy breakfast. He further suggests green methods such as planting trees and social best practices such as feeding the unfortunate and cleaning roads around temples as remedies to the doshams. Such people create awareness of one's surroundings and encourages civic sense.

I support all these people in their money making endeavours. We as a community should support them. Who should be stopped are the pure godmen with no amount of social awareness in their remedies. The people who bathe metal idols with ice cream and the people who peddle green colour glass rings and pass it of as gemstones. (Incidentally there are PhDs in Gemology sold in the USA). 


narendra shenoy said...

Astrologers, numerologists, facereaders, naadi shastris, tarot readers, I've seen them all, thanks to a totally believing mom. My mom is so fragile and trusting that none of us wants to risk breaking her by telling her that these guys are charlatans. I think they should be shot. What rot they dish out!

Loved the post!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I have a feeling they are a necessary part of society. They are as important as analysts are to the economy. They infuse or defuse confidence to individuals as opposed to what analysts do for society. I do not believe them, but I envy the people who totally do.

Thanks for the comment.

sanjay said...

Good to hear from you (even if it's through your blog).

Among the usual suspects in your list, the rava idly guy is kind of intriguing. He does seem to be actually tricking people into doing the right things...

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yeah.. that Rava idly guy is a Kannadiga. Has an amazing thamizh accent. He takes up most of my time in the mornings :-).

I kind of miss Sathyamurthy... with his 'Energy treatment'. He had E = mc squared written on the black board while he was explaining his miracles.

Poovilangu Mohan's amazing histrionics is also unforgettable.