Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Review - Aadhavan

Aadhavan is a movie that makes you appreciate the good points of a T. Rajendar movie. You might now wonder what made me say that. Well for one thing, T Rajendar movies reek of shitloads of effort. But try however he might... his movies always suck donkey dong. Aadhavan sucks the dong of that T Rajendar movie. That is how bad it is. Almost like the creators did not want the movie to exist. Lacks effort totally.

There can be no excuse for such a movie. It is a rehashed story. It has rehashed songs from Satyam and Ayan. It has songs shot in similar locations and are also similarly photo shopped. It has Surya in a similar role performing the same stunt sequences in just a different zip code. To top it all, the original and the remix were spaced less than 6 months apart, with no buffer Surya movie in between.

Surya looks boring. I feel he has realized his potential... and is contemplating going the Vijay way. Why would he want to do similar movies 6 months apart if he wants to be considered a decent actor? I support the decision to go the Vijay Way if that is the case.

The Surya as a ten year old... gimmick... comes off well in the sense that it is technically close to perfect. He already has a young face and a little airbrushing removed hair and make him look young. KSR has learnt a bit from the UN while making 10vatharam in making the body proportions right.

Vadivel tries to save the movie. Almost does it. his sense of timing is approaching the Gounder's. Good... and he makes us happy. Ramesh Khanna's role had initially been that of a director. He is not a second comedian. Anyone know why he was demoted ?

Saroja Devi and Nayanthara both look stupid in their roles. 9thara looks more and more like a Thai transvestite. Saroja Devi need not have demeaned herself in this movie. A definite avoid but this warning is probably late. 90% of the population has already watched this travesty. Chennai should get over this craze to watch any movie in the first week.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Unnaipol Oruvan - An interview on Vijay TV

So there was this program on Vijay TV. The title had liberal splatterings of words like ulagam, sagaptham and varalaaru. Of course it had to do with the Ulaganaayagan if you had not guessed that already. The program had people posing questions about his movies and beliefs... expecting candid answers. He usually answers one question with another question. (He feels that this makes him sound smart). But this time he actually answered. It gave me an opportunity to see how confused he actually is.

There was a person who asked him why he had the beard in UPO. His said it was his statement against gross generalizations... that not all bearded guys were Muslims. Yet, he does not have any problem in having as a hero and a teacher, a certain someone who grossly generalized all brahmins as slave traders and all theists as barbarian fools. Hypocrite!

And then there was this question about being brave. He eloquently said the exhibition of Ahimsa is the ultimate form of bravery... and he is trying to be brave. Wow. A film star who is brave in real life too? Lets see how brave.

There was another obvious question about 'Saving Thamizh'. He apparently has very strong opinions on this. He said even learned brahmin ladies would substitute 'sha' for a 'sa'.. as in 'Shaptacha' for 'Saptacha'. This apparently is some sort of travesty in the thamizh world. Very brave I should say... to pick on ladies... right?

A less brave person would have picked on a certain political stalwart who does not even know to pronounce 'zha'. He says "Tamilukkaga Vaalndhu, Thamilukkaga Ulaithu"... AND still manage to get 8.5% of Thamizh votes. Haasar is not a brave person. He is not what he thinks he is.

Haasar... with respect... the guy who has put in 50 years of film service, is no philosopher. He is not even a great thinker as many purport him to be. He is just the above average actor, who can make us laugh... a LOT... and only if he teams up with Crazy Mohan. He is definitely confused... nothing wrong with that is there ? But the point is confused men and their opinions must never be taken seriously. Just enjoy them. Like you would enjoy Vasool Raaja.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Movie Review - Terminator Salvation

As a rule, I avoid writing English movie reviews unless I either hate or love the movie exceptionally. Terminator 4 is abyssmal. I remember people getting all excited up about Christian Bale becoming part of one more superhero franchise, but then to all those people... bad luck.

With the Terminator franchise already being squeezed to nothingness, I thought the director / story-writers would have come up with something exceptional, either in terms of story or cast to garner some interest. T3 had a woman terminator which drew in a lot of interest. More importantly, it had Sivajinagar in a come-back role. T4 has nothing even remotely interesting, except of course Christian Bale.

He seems disinterested, and is playing Batman yet again with those intense expressions that he uses when he is trying to decide between lime juice and orange juice... it kind of bores you. How did Nick Stahl become Christian Bale? The guy who plays the human robot with a human heart that somehow seems to fuel a computer brain. Or what ? Well, if a pacemaker can control a human heart... why not...? right ? The human heart that controls a machine body can ALSO be donated to another human who would then use it to control a human body. ?? What ??

Story? What is the use of killing Christian Bale, if Skynet already has his yet to be father? Skynet can kill the Bale's father instead, and hence wipe Christian Bale even before he came into existence? There are just so many glaring holes in the story that you can drive one of those hunter - killers through it withing scratching its sides. The entire premise behind the movie sounds so terrible, that the line "The end begins" sounds prophetic. I feel this will be the last of the Terminator movies.

The only thing that was exceptionally good in the movie was Moon Bloodgood's name. She is the only person in the world whose name has three 'oo's sounds. Also Bryce Capricorn Dallas Einstein Howard... doesn't her name sound like an attendance register? Well, I am interested in finding out where she got her make up samaan when the world has been decimated by a nuclear war.

Avoid it. Watch Maayandi Kudumbathinar instead.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie REview - Kulir 100

It happenned with Sakkarakatti, and now it has happened again with Kulir 100. Thamizh audiences have no trouble with cliches. They can handle the same Vijay movie remade a dozen times and even watch each one at least twice. But you know why that is ? The characters are hackneyed and the setting is identifiable.

Kulir 100, has neither of these. Even though the principal character had the makings of any normal Tamil hero... (slightly uncouth, value friendship, mother worship, aggression... ) the rest of the characters saving his close friend, are caricatures. Unidirectional and completely unidentifiable. So, immediately there is a feeling of aversion that is felt towards the hoity toity.

To make matters worse, the entire story is set in an unrealistic environment. Half the theatre walked out by the time any seriousness got into the movie, understandably.

The story is about an inherently aggressive guy being sent to a boarding school. He develops a few friendships and a few enemies. Gets ragged, falls into love with a crackpot, fights with some overly villainous seniors. The tragedy is senseless, and reeks of desperation on the story writer's part. She just wanted something to happen in an otherwise plain-vanilla storyline. The finale re-confirms this opinion, and you walk out of the theatre with tired smirk.

The good things? Music is passable. Bobo Susi, I feel is the industry's new Iman. He is sure to make music for a few Arjun movies in the near future. The movie is short, in spite of the 5 songs. Location location location... I would have liked to see some wild life. A very ordinary movie trussed up to look like something special. The hype does not hold even for 10 minutes into the movie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Review - Kha (Ghaja)

As the movie title says, Kha does not stand for Ghaja.. it should be Gha for Ghaja... but as Thamizh does not know the difference between Kha and Gha, it cannot be found fault with.

Kha for Ghaja starts with a bang... not the bang that you hear during Diwali, but the bang that you have accounts in. The hero is not shown for the first few minutes.. (director's fear ofcourse... but why fear the inevitable?). The robbery goes as planned and we are shown the beast responsible. VNR (The non de plume of the writer / actor / director / audience) for this magnum opus may never want the populace to know its expansion... but nevertheless fills the screen for the first time. To borrow an expression.. "What chas been seen, cannot be unseen". I would not even hire the auto, if he was an auto driver. Let alone watch his movie.

I have a theory about such movies. See, there are areas in and around Chennai city that have increased in property value a few thousand times. Like for example, some land near Vedandhangal, which no self respecting Chennaiite would even throw garbage on, has increased from 10 paisa per square foot to 3000 psqft. So there are guys who have 30 acres of land here do ? They sell the land, and make Kollywood movies with that money.

They have their disproportionately overgrown sons cavorting around with heroines who look like Ennatha Kannayya in drag. They have storylines that will appeal only to BA history students in Pachayappa's Kalloori... and that too only in the afternoons. They release it in theaters whose seats are fossilized cockroach ejaculations and whose owners use the theaters as tax shelters for the tea shop they have outside the theater.

Ka (Ghaja) is the king of all such movies. I think the guy's father sold the land that not even a cow would piss on... for a few crores, built a hideous looking bungalow, painted it dark magenta and made this movie out of the savings got by painting the inside of the house Agsarcem's Gobi Kalar. Watch this movie if the only other option you have is to spend your time in Bricktop's pigsty.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movie Review - Mariyadhai

Why is Mariyadhai like IPL 2?

What do you expect in a VJkanth movie? He has to be a police officer/RAW official/CBI honcho. There has to be a humongous entry fight with a seething captain making 3 lorries spontaneously combust by just looking at their gas tanks. It should have a few gratuitous mentions of Baagisdaan Theeviravadhigal, bees with radio collars that can obey only captain's eye commands and spectacular stunt sequences with captain and victims jumping across continents. And ofcourse a bevy of big-busted heroines irrelevant to the storyline, being charmed out of their clothes by a scorching hot captain.

But then we get Mariyadhai, an excuse for a Vijayakanth Movie... pretty much like IPL season 2 goes for a 'Cricket Tournament'. Imagine Vanathai Pole (The most aggressive thing in that movie was captain's ear hair...), Then imagine Vanathai Pole written by Mahatma Gandhi. That is Mariyadhai. Sad but true... a movie that was released just for sake of the election, and nothing else. Pretty much like IPL was scheduled in South Africa just because of the elections in India. An inefficient, apathetic exercise that fails to inspire even an iota of fervor in the average cricket lover.

Mariyadhai is so bad, that Captain is played down to the extent that the two heroines collectively aggregate more screen time than both his roles. Both heroines are deeply involved in the storyline and are not treated like how a dog treats a lamp-post. Captain's senior role does not even have nose hair... forget ear hair! Captain junior even wears white instead of his usual shades and wear a dhupatta (!!!!) in his love songs. No coolers... no gel... no long coats.. and no bling. The blasphemy! The only thing that hints at the captain we know is when he muscles in a few b-boy moves in the dance with the jasmine girl... in some far eastern country.

Do not watch this movie if you are the average Vijayakanth fan. Captain has been reduced to just a caption... in Comic sans, size 7, pale pink colour. At the end of the movie I felt the only parigaaram for making this movie would be for Gautham Menon to direct Vijayakanth in an inter-gallactic cop thriller. Maybe GM can finish his Cop Trilogy with that idea. But then we don't live in Utopia !! We have IPL2 :-(.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where do we all go wrong?

Essentially the problem in the world is that people take themselves way too seriously. Why do you think there are terrorists bombing buildings? Why are they taking other people hostage? WHy do they demand the realease of other people if the first group of people have to be released? They take themselves, their beliefs, and that people around them way too seriously. They also seem to be thinking that what they are doing is something unique and if they do not do it, no-one else would. Some form of self-aggrandization.

Some people seem to think, teaching each religous group the importance of the other religion / group is going to solve this problem. For example, most of the commentators on TV talk shows recommend teaching the Muslim about Christianity or the Hindu about Islam, is going to reduce tension between the three of them. I disagree. The only valuable lesson that can be taught is that people are always going disagree with each other. They have to be taught that Muslims and Christians have always been fighting. So have the Hindus and Muslims, and so also Greeks and Hindus and before that Hindus and Jains... and before that Shivites and Vaishnavites and around the same time, the HIndus and the Bhuddists. We hence tell people that what they are doign is not goign to change the world. Maybe it would teach them whta they are doing is in no way unique. It is not going to change the world. They would be better off just quitting frightening people and focussing on their own lives. 

That has to be focussed on more, rather than repeatedly saying "Islam stands for Peace in Urdu" or "Hindusims is an all accepting way of life". We are just burying our heads in the sand if we continue saying that.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The irony in TN politics

Did you know that?
  • Grumbling about lack of walking space does not prevent people from buying stuff from platform vendors in Pondy Bazaar 
  • People don't see anything wrong in continuing to vote based on perceptions of now dead people generated 30 years ago 
  • The deciding factor of elections has been the number of freebies being distributed by political parties 
  • Every election result for almost 20 years has only been anti-establishment, and that no party has ever come back into power 
  • There has never been any clear distinction between 'party policies' in spite of TN election scene almost being a two party system 
  • The home minister is required to make a statement that "Indian elections are more important than IPL" 
  • Educated people actively discuss and Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru on humour message boards 
  • Madan Pop is considered to be among the stalwarts of Thamizh comedy
If this is the way the average thamizhian thinks, then there is no way in which he is going to realize that the irony in,
  1. Jayalalitha making statements against the LTTE, yet having VaiKo who is the biggest LTTE sympathizer in her kootani
  2. Mu Ka, writing poems about LTTE commandos, having Congress whose last good leader was killed by the LTTE in the kootani
  3. Vijayakanth having considered alliances with both Jayalalitha and Mu Ka, in spite of bursting into the political scene through lambasting both of them
  4. An election from a Thamizhians POV has now become a process of rejection of one party

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ayan - Ayanian - Ayanic - Ayanerrific.. some Ayanisis

Ayanian The average Ayangelist
Ayanosphere The diaspora of Ayanians
Ayanic Anything that resembles Ayan in mind, body or spirit
Ayanesque The innate Ayanic quality resident in any artistic creation
Ayangoria The euphoria of watching Ayan for the first time
Ayaniac The person under the influence of Ayangoria
Ayanthem The song on all Ayanian lips
Ayantriotic The fervent affinity towards anything that is Ayan
Ayangolia Country formed by Ayanians
Ayangora Capital city of Ayangolia
Ayancracy The system of government of formed by the Ayanian
Ayan Exchange The stock market in Ayangora
Ayanary The official bird of Ayangolia
Ayaninary The seminary of the Ayanian
Ayanostle The apostle spreading the word of Ayan
Ayanade A drink sponsored by Ayan
Ayanolyte The electrolyte in Ayanade
Ayaneast A biscuit sponsored by Ayan
Ayamania The mania caused by the presence of Ayan
Ayanential Ayan to the power of Ayan
Ayanolation What do Ayanians feel towards Ayan
Ayanobilia What you take home from any Ayan movie screening
Ayangulator A device that helps in finding a movie theatre playing Ayan
Aygan The elemental matrix that points to the direction of the movie theatre
Ayronic "Raaaaaaaiiiiiin on your Ayan watching day"
Ayanasurus The Jurassic version of Ayan
Ayanorreah Condition that afflicts Ayan's adversaries
Ayanesian The key principles involved Ayanian economics
Ayanopedia My encyclopedia on Ayan

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Movie Review - Perumal

Do you guys remember the Telugu movie that was dubbed into Thamizh, with the Telugu comedy track replaced by Vivek's? Vivek spoofed the Parasakthi dialogue... the Odinaal odinaal... dialogue to terrible effect. Many of you would have seen it. 

But how many of you have watched the same movie dubbed in Hindi? It had Vivek reciting that dialogue in Hindi, being voiced over by Telugu actors who knew Hindi. A very heavy Telugu - Hindi lilt. I watched it. Late at night... having nothing else to do. 

Now you would think... whats the point?  Why bring it up when I have titled this about "Perumal". Well.. imagine the pointlessness of a Telugu movie with patched Tamil comedy sequences that spoof a 1950's Tamil movie, being dubbed verbatim into Hindi, and being broadcast at 2 in the morning. 

Perumal is a few million times more pointless than that. 

One more anecdote. When I was a child, we were watching a documentary. Me, my mother and a few of her friends. The documentary was just a few random moving images to me. It showed people working, suddenly a tiger leaping into a lake, and then some cars on the road, and suddenly someone buying a saree, immediately followed by a guy wearing a Ghandhi cap saying something in Hindi. Right. I did not care as long as I had my packet of potato chips. 

There was this lady... who was trying to make sense of the whole thing and explain it to me. She connected the saree buyer with the cars on the road, and the tiger to the colours of the saree. But at one point of time... she gave up, threw her hands in the air.... and said "Perumaaley"... the devout Iyengar that she is. I think that situation inspired the title of the movie. Perumaal... makes even less sense than that documentary, but is spicier than that bag of potato chips. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Curious Case of Slumdog Millionaire

But seriously, how many of you thought the movie was good? These are some of the reasons why I think SDM won so many Oscars.. and why I do not have a high opinion of the movie.
  • People's desire to feel optimistic. A heartwarming rags to riches love story during times of financial trouble? It is bound to do well. But cinematic excellence that deserved 8 Oscars? Maybe not. I would have certainly liked this movie more, if he had not 'won' in either love or the game show. That would have been more realistic... if 'realism' is what was appreaciated in the movie. 
  • Overblown references. To answer a questions like "What is Rama's weapon of choice?"... you really dont have to go to your childhood, where your mother was killed by 'Rama' activists to get than answer? All you have to do remember is the Dussera or the Diwali celebrations that happen every year. Such things looked very contrived to me. Almost as if the author of the book wanted the answer to reference to something innately shocking. 
  • Since I have watched other Boyle movies, and liked them, and man have I tripped on AR Rahman songs! This movie was below par... Boyle has done miles better with Trainspotting and even The Beach. And Rahman has done millions of light years better. So there is the average fanboy cynicism... Oh yeah ? You think THIS is good ? Wait till you watch / listen to his earlier works. Weak. I know. But what the hell !!
  • Pet peeve that there were other movies released this year that deserved the oscars more than the 'Bollywood Realism' that was SDM. The Curious Case of Button, was frankly better in everything except music. Plus, SDM was too partisan to deserve 8. It just proved that Hollywood is the same as Bollywood. In everything except special effects. 

I am not the person who would say this movie showed India in poor light, or that it was offensive to Indian sentiments. The last thing the movie did was make fun of, or offend Indians. I feel after watching the Beach and Trainspotting, it was Danny Boyle who was making fun of Hollywood... for their idea of what 'good movies' are. 

Monday, February 09, 2009

Movie Review - Naan Kadavul

Bala is at it again. Shocking you with horrendous visuals and outlandish characters. He does not attempt to sell those characters... but he has this sense of arrogance about presenting it. This is what i created... watch it if you want. If I was to sum up the movie in a line... I would say, This is the best dark comedy to come out of Kollywood till date, about an entire village being unable to comprehend the workings of the Sadhu in their midst.

Naan Kadavul has a typical 'Bala' character as the main guy. An aghori who thinks / knows he is God, and is completely justified in becoming the destroyer at times he deems necessary. A mental makeup found in visionaries and terrorists alike. You might argue that pretty much that is what Vijay or Arjun think in all their movies. You are correct in one sense. The difference is that for this guy, that is not the most appealing characteristic. Nor is it glorified as hero-like. This guy smokes dope in front of his parents, and even asks a policeman for a toke... not because he is degenerate. He does anything just because he wants to do it. Not because he thinks it is right. The only thing he does which he thinks is right is to kill... as Kaal Bhairav... the solitary reaper. 

Bala, and the script writer have worked significantly on the lead character... and there was one more incident, which differentiates our man from any one depicted... ever in the history of Tamil cinema. The kind of rejoinder when his mother gives him the usual Thamizh amma bullshit on keeping him inside the womb for 10 months. His repartee to the guilt tripping dialogue was just so unique and pithy. Lengthy dialogues are not needed to say profound things... you know. 

The supporting cast is the life of this movie. It is very tough to present distress / difficulties in a humorous way. Cynicism helps, but there is a thin line between being cynical and being condescending. Bala, in this movie has tread that line... and has come out tops. He presents probably the best dark comedy based on a beggar community in movie history, and does not sound insensitive in doing so. But what I felt was that he could have avoided shocking us with those visuals. But then it is Bala to do that. You know you are getting it when you watch his movie. 

Arya was a sort of a disappointment. He looks the part... an arrogant well built Sadhu. But lacks the intensity in expressions. His eye looks blank... luminous eyes do not mean they are expressive. There is no ferocity, nor is there conviction. Most of the times it is just a blank stare which is supposed to frighten us. The girl too is insufficient. Her mannerisms are too dramatic, and lacks consistency. 

Music was not great, and could have done some more in setting the mood for the movie. There is no poignant tune that runs through the movie, and it sounds hackneyed and in bits and pieces. Well then the movie was made over 3 eyars. Anyone would have lost the thread during that time. 

It has been a long time since I laughed out aloud in a theatre. The last time I could, it was for Vasool Raja. Naan Kadavul also tickled me, especially in the second half. The "in your face" presentation sets in, and you learn to enjoy the movie. First part shock, second part humour. Funny movie.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie Review - Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionnaire is just one more movie that is going to give you the feeling... "Oh so whats all the hooplah about" ? Thats all there is to the movie. Personally, I have seen a atleast 5 movies in the few years, in Thamizh alone that gave something way beyond what SDG gives us, in every department it has been nominated in. Sometimes I diss a good movie, just to be the devil's advocate. I swear this is not one of those opinions. 

Katradhu Thamizh had similar parallel screenplay. Something topical comes up, some great lines of dialogue, and the hero narrates something in his past that had a profound effect on his current position. KT had Jeeva hamming. This guy hams too. KT had humour. This movie had humour too, albeit to a lesser extent. KT was great in character development. SDG just whitewashes characters. Just puts people in bins. Partisan. 

Music. The love theme... does anyone think it is similar to the Mickey J Meyer's happy days theme? To me they sound similar. It is just sad, that Rahman after almost 20 years of originality, gets nominated for something that sounds like someone else's song. The BGM is good, but then we are used to much better stuff from Rahman. The Swades song used in the ringtone in itself deserved more credit than the the SDG soundtrack.

What did I like in the movie? I liked it that not everything was explained. I liked it that the director thought... let them figure it out themselves. I liked it that characters somehow seem to recognize each other after 5 - 6 years of not seeing each other. Even over the phone. Incredulous, but different. 

What more din't I like? the ending. I agree, times like these, people do not want to watch depressing endings. People do not want to watch people cheating others, but I would really really have liked to see that the guy had actually cheated his way to victory. Somehow. If you can think of a plausible, non technological way, in which he could have cheated, I would like to know. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Villu - Movie Review

An arbitrary badguy kidnaps a young girl in a jeep, and as per Tamizh tradition attempts to rape her in an open air laundromat... during business hours. Stage set for intro? Ok. 

There is a Whiiiish... and a dagger lands on the midsection of Villain no. 34. Who threw it ? They ask... and speculators look all around. There is a Whoooosh... and a figure appears with sarees flying all over the place... laundromat speculators speculate, Is it Superman? Is it Spiderman? ... behold.. the SareeMan. The sarees get blown away and we see half the face of the Young Thalapaadhi. Incidentally he only has half a brain too. 

In the next few minutes, everything turns topsy turvy... including our tummies as Vijay mouths something that even Vijay Teeyar would have shaken his head at. We are then taken to a song... which explains the meaning of the title. 

Rama Rama Rama Rama Raman kitta Villai Keaten... 
Bheema Bheema Bheema Bheema.. Bheema kitta kadhaya Keaten

Apparently Rama had not obliged. Hence we are only left with a movie of that name and ofcourse since Bheema is not known to be a great story writer, the movie not surprisingly, does not have a story either. 

So we are left to squander 3 hours while watching Vijay trying to steal 2 'Blu Ray Disks'... from Prakash Rai and another Kannada guy. On the side, he has 'dealings' with Vadivelu and gets 9thara to strip a few times for him. Some highlights...

1. Only we had been crying so far. Now Vijay cries for the first time in 12 years since Thulladha Manamum Thullum. He makes us groan now. He also dresses up as a French bearded Mahakavi Bharathi. Hmm. Why not?

2. The most colourfully dressed villains since Billa 1, where we were treated to major Sundharrajan and RS Manohar wearing green and purple suits. Apparently the best way for international arms smugglers to hide from German police is to wear the loudest suits in all of Europe and strut around waving guns in famous nightclubs. Prakash Rai even dyes his hair blonde. 

3. Nayanthara plays Prakash Rai's daughter... she gets bitten by fish in her introduction scene... (guess who the 'fish' is? Sadly yeah...).  I wish it had been piranha... or better still, sharks with frigging laser beams attached to their heads.

4. In the world Vadivelu / Prabhu Deva... live in, westerners dancing to Indian movie tunes is still counted as comedy. And in that world, an animated cow practicing jujitsu moves on Vadivelu makes people have stitches in their side. Cow dung... the animated cow shoots cow dung at vadivelu... he dodges it. We see it in slow motion. My feet are firmly placed on our world... so writing those lines make me very sad. 

5. Khushboo.. a self confessed Vijay fan... (I wonder if Pastor Joseph Vijay would pardon her) dances. Vijay does his now popular imitation of a cross between am epileptic rubberman and a Naatupura kalaigal puppet. He calls it dance. Atleast it looks better than Simbhu's version of dance. 

Some questions were raised... even though Vijay is Christian, why do his intro songs almost always have something to do with Hindu Gods? Did 9thara have some sort of liposuction on tummy? It looks horrible. Are we going to have to watch Vadivelu battle animated cowdung every night in Comedy Thirai? If this is the kind of movies Prabhu Deva can make, why stop with 4 per year ? He can direct 10 - 15 every month, and keep Pachayappa kalloori makkal very happy.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Bommalattam- Movie Review

This is probably the only movie that I wanted to watch in Hindi after I had already watched it in Thamizh. No marks for guessing it was for only to watch Nana Patekar. Nizhalgal Ravi.. I agree has a good voice... but then he can never replicate Nana Patekar. HOw would Nazzer have sounded? WHy Nizhalgal Ravi?

In the previous review, I had written that Thamizh movies must only be the Silambattam kind... ANything else, and it becomes useless and pales in comparison to its originals. But once in a while movies like Bommalattam come along that make me put my words in a boot and eat it.. foot and all. But seriously, this is a good movie. 

Be it the gradual build up of suspense, or the gradual shifting of our suspicision from one character to another or the tremendous performances from everyone in the cast, I have to say this movie surpassed all my expectations. The sudden cheat-code like end to the movie too, can be forgiven because the afformentioned reasons. 

A murder mystery, narrated from the POV of the chief suspect who has something to hide is not new to us. None of the effective movies ever give you a clue about the real killer. This movie is no different. Apart from a couple of vague clues there was nothing of mention, ... but then stupid me, I missed out on each one of them. Never-the-less the revelation is good... after a couple of rounds. Watch it in any of the three languages it has been released in. A definite recommend.