Friday, January 02, 2009

Bommalattam- Movie Review

This is probably the only movie that I wanted to watch in Hindi after I had already watched it in Thamizh. No marks for guessing it was for only to watch Nana Patekar. Nizhalgal Ravi.. I agree has a good voice... but then he can never replicate Nana Patekar. HOw would Nazzer have sounded? WHy Nizhalgal Ravi?

In the previous review, I had written that Thamizh movies must only be the Silambattam kind... ANything else, and it becomes useless and pales in comparison to its originals. But once in a while movies like Bommalattam come along that make me put my words in a boot and eat it.. foot and all. But seriously, this is a good movie. 

Be it the gradual build up of suspense, or the gradual shifting of our suspicision from one character to another or the tremendous performances from everyone in the cast, I have to say this movie surpassed all my expectations. The sudden cheat-code like end to the movie too, can be forgiven because the afformentioned reasons. 

A murder mystery, narrated from the POV of the chief suspect who has something to hide is not new to us. None of the effective movies ever give you a clue about the real killer. This movie is no different. Apart from a couple of vague clues there was nothing of mention, ... but then stupid me, I missed out on each one of them. Never-the-less the revelation is good... after a couple of rounds. Watch it in any of the three languages it has been released in. A definite recommend. 


sanjay said...

Did we watch the same movie? I watched it in tamil and can confidently say this will make my list of the worst movies of this year.

Oh my god!! Just the bgm is enough to give you migraines for a long time. And the

Were you serious about the review?

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I had no issues with the story, apart from the ending. Contrived, but acceptable.

The narration and the way different characters were thought to be murderers at different stages in the movie was appealing.

And you have to give at least some credit for not having a kuthu song.

DailyDiva said...

I loved the movie somehow! :) Nizhalgal Ravi's voice was the worst part!