Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie Review - Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionnaire is just one more movie that is going to give you the feeling... "Oh so whats all the hooplah about" ? Thats all there is to the movie. Personally, I have seen a atleast 5 movies in the few years, in Thamizh alone that gave something way beyond what SDG gives us, in every department it has been nominated in. Sometimes I diss a good movie, just to be the devil's advocate. I swear this is not one of those opinions. 

Katradhu Thamizh had similar parallel screenplay. Something topical comes up, some great lines of dialogue, and the hero narrates something in his past that had a profound effect on his current position. KT had Jeeva hamming. This guy hams too. KT had humour. This movie had humour too, albeit to a lesser extent. KT was great in character development. SDG just whitewashes characters. Just puts people in bins. Partisan. 

Music. The love theme... does anyone think it is similar to the Mickey J Meyer's happy days theme? To me they sound similar. It is just sad, that Rahman after almost 20 years of originality, gets nominated for something that sounds like someone else's song. The BGM is good, but then we are used to much better stuff from Rahman. The Swades song used in the ringtone in itself deserved more credit than the the SDG soundtrack.

What did I like in the movie? I liked it that not everything was explained. I liked it that the director thought... let them figure it out themselves. I liked it that characters somehow seem to recognize each other after 5 - 6 years of not seeing each other. Even over the phone. Incredulous, but different. 

What more din't I like? the ending. I agree, times like these, people do not want to watch depressing endings. People do not want to watch people cheating others, but I would really really have liked to see that the guy had actually cheated his way to victory. Somehow. If you can think of a plausible, non technological way, in which he could have cheated, I would like to know. 

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