Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Villu - Movie Review

An arbitrary badguy kidnaps a young girl in a jeep, and as per Tamizh tradition attempts to rape her in an open air laundromat... during business hours. Stage set for intro? Ok. 

There is a Whiiiish... and a dagger lands on the midsection of Villain no. 34. Who threw it ? They ask... and speculators look all around. There is a Whoooosh... and a figure appears with sarees flying all over the place... laundromat speculators speculate, Is it Superman? Is it Spiderman? ... behold.. the SareeMan. The sarees get blown away and we see half the face of the Young Thalapaadhi. Incidentally he only has half a brain too. 

In the next few minutes, everything turns topsy turvy... including our tummies as Vijay mouths something that even Vijay Teeyar would have shaken his head at. We are then taken to a song... which explains the meaning of the title. 

Rama Rama Rama Rama Raman kitta Villai Keaten... 
Bheema Bheema Bheema Bheema.. Bheema kitta kadhaya Keaten

Apparently Rama had not obliged. Hence we are only left with a movie of that name and ofcourse since Bheema is not known to be a great story writer, the movie not surprisingly, does not have a story either. 

So we are left to squander 3 hours while watching Vijay trying to steal 2 'Blu Ray Disks'... from Prakash Rai and another Kannada guy. On the side, he has 'dealings' with Vadivelu and gets 9thara to strip a few times for him. Some highlights...

1. Only we had been crying so far. Now Vijay cries for the first time in 12 years since Thulladha Manamum Thullum. He makes us groan now. He also dresses up as a French bearded Mahakavi Bharathi. Hmm. Why not?

2. The most colourfully dressed villains since Billa 1, where we were treated to major Sundharrajan and RS Manohar wearing green and purple suits. Apparently the best way for international arms smugglers to hide from German police is to wear the loudest suits in all of Europe and strut around waving guns in famous nightclubs. Prakash Rai even dyes his hair blonde. 

3. Nayanthara plays Prakash Rai's daughter... she gets bitten by fish in her introduction scene... (guess who the 'fish' is? Sadly yeah...).  I wish it had been piranha... or better still, sharks with frigging laser beams attached to their heads.

4. In the world Vadivelu / Prabhu Deva... live in, westerners dancing to Indian movie tunes is still counted as comedy. And in that world, an animated cow practicing jujitsu moves on Vadivelu makes people have stitches in their side. Cow dung... the animated cow shoots cow dung at vadivelu... he dodges it. We see it in slow motion. My feet are firmly placed on our world... so writing those lines make me very sad. 

5. Khushboo.. a self confessed Vijay fan... (I wonder if Pastor Joseph Vijay would pardon her) dances. Vijay does his now popular imitation of a cross between am epileptic rubberman and a Naatupura kalaigal puppet. He calls it dance. Atleast it looks better than Simbhu's version of dance. 

Some questions were raised... even though Vijay is Christian, why do his intro songs almost always have something to do with Hindu Gods? Did 9thara have some sort of liposuction on tummy? It looks horrible. Are we going to have to watch Vadivelu battle animated cowdung every night in Comedy Thirai? If this is the kind of movies Prabhu Deva can make, why stop with 4 per year ? He can direct 10 - 15 every month, and keep Pachayappa kalloori makkal very happy.


Anonymous said...


sorry didn't know how to get this across any faster..

ARR, Delhi 6....adengappa!!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

This album has made me realize why I first felt Rahman is better than Illayaraaja.

his choice of BG instruments, that just go beyond the tabla and the violin and the flute.

Minimalism vs Flamboyance?

Dafatan : 2:25 and go on till 5:05 when he starts singing. Goose Pimples.
: Chinese string? with some Celtic fiddles? How?
: Did it have a xylophone at the beginning?

Rehna Tu : Anything after 4:48. How does he do it? How did he know?

Masakali : 0:16 Italian? Accordian? How did he know?

Genda : 0:46. Unexpected. Again... How did he know? Perfect whisky song.

Delhi 6 : Almost has Massive Attack - Portishead - Tear Drop feel to it... but with some hardhouse beats?

And the best thing i like about this album is that he never filled any of the interludes with his aimless humming.

Anonymous said...

:)..i dont have the answers to any of your questions...ARR is born with some unique talent and is remarkable versatile...

somebody said 4 things make a dude

a) listen to every one
b) follow no one
c) find patterns
d) work like hell

ARR filling out a survey..that's 4 checks for him

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

/Incidentally he only has half a brain too. //
Lol!That was a funny comment!