Monday, March 23, 2009

Ayan - Ayanian - Ayanic - Ayanerrific.. some Ayanisis

Ayanian The average Ayangelist
Ayanosphere The diaspora of Ayanians
Ayanic Anything that resembles Ayan in mind, body or spirit
Ayanesque The innate Ayanic quality resident in any artistic creation
Ayangoria The euphoria of watching Ayan for the first time
Ayaniac The person under the influence of Ayangoria
Ayanthem The song on all Ayanian lips
Ayantriotic The fervent affinity towards anything that is Ayan
Ayangolia Country formed by Ayanians
Ayangora Capital city of Ayangolia
Ayancracy The system of government of formed by the Ayanian
Ayan Exchange The stock market in Ayangora
Ayanary The official bird of Ayangolia
Ayaninary The seminary of the Ayanian
Ayanostle The apostle spreading the word of Ayan
Ayanade A drink sponsored by Ayan
Ayanolyte The electrolyte in Ayanade
Ayaneast A biscuit sponsored by Ayan
Ayamania The mania caused by the presence of Ayan
Ayanential Ayan to the power of Ayan
Ayanolation What do Ayanians feel towards Ayan
Ayanobilia What you take home from any Ayan movie screening
Ayangulator A device that helps in finding a movie theatre playing Ayan
Aygan The elemental matrix that points to the direction of the movie theatre
Ayronic "Raaaaaaaiiiiiin on your Ayan watching day"
Ayanasurus The Jurassic version of Ayan
Ayanorreah Condition that afflicts Ayan's adversaries
Ayanesian The key principles involved Ayanian economics
Ayanopedia My encyclopedia on Ayan

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