Saturday, March 28, 2009

The irony in TN politics

Did you know that?
  • Grumbling about lack of walking space does not prevent people from buying stuff from platform vendors in Pondy Bazaar 
  • People don't see anything wrong in continuing to vote based on perceptions of now dead people generated 30 years ago 
  • The deciding factor of elections has been the number of freebies being distributed by political parties 
  • Every election result for almost 20 years has only been anti-establishment, and that no party has ever come back into power 
  • There has never been any clear distinction between 'party policies' in spite of TN election scene almost being a two party system 
  • The home minister is required to make a statement that "Indian elections are more important than IPL" 
  • Educated people actively discuss and Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru on humour message boards 
  • Madan Pop is considered to be among the stalwarts of Thamizh comedy
If this is the way the average thamizhian thinks, then there is no way in which he is going to realize that the irony in,
  1. Jayalalitha making statements against the LTTE, yet having VaiKo who is the biggest LTTE sympathizer in her kootani
  2. Mu Ka, writing poems about LTTE commandos, having Congress whose last good leader was killed by the LTTE in the kootani
  3. Vijayakanth having considered alliances with both Jayalalitha and Mu Ka, in spite of bursting into the political scene through lambasting both of them
  4. An election from a Thamizhians POV has now become a process of rejection of one party


Kaushik said...

I think our dear Goundar foresaw/analyzed/understood all of this and more a long way back.
Couldn't resist posting this, even though it's oh-so-obvious!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Yeah my favourite was from Indian

"Cover la Amount vechu kudutha... adhu per daan Gavarment"

Idhu therinja license... illakaatee nee naansense.