Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Movie Review - Perumal

Do you guys remember the Telugu movie that was dubbed into Thamizh, with the Telugu comedy track replaced by Vivek's? Vivek spoofed the Parasakthi dialogue... the Odinaal odinaal... dialogue to terrible effect. Many of you would have seen it. 

But how many of you have watched the same movie dubbed in Hindi? It had Vivek reciting that dialogue in Hindi, being voiced over by Telugu actors who knew Hindi. A very heavy Telugu - Hindi lilt. I watched it. Late at night... having nothing else to do. 

Now you would think... whats the point?  Why bring it up when I have titled this about "Perumal". Well.. imagine the pointlessness of a Telugu movie with patched Tamil comedy sequences that spoof a 1950's Tamil movie, being dubbed verbatim into Hindi, and being broadcast at 2 in the morning. 

Perumal is a few million times more pointless than that. 

One more anecdote. When I was a child, we were watching a documentary. Me, my mother and a few of her friends. The documentary was just a few random moving images to me. It showed people working, suddenly a tiger leaping into a lake, and then some cars on the road, and suddenly someone buying a saree, immediately followed by a guy wearing a Ghandhi cap saying something in Hindi. Right. I did not care as long as I had my packet of potato chips. 

There was this lady... who was trying to make sense of the whole thing and explain it to me. She connected the saree buyer with the cars on the road, and the tiger to the colours of the saree. But at one point of time... she gave up, threw her hands in the air.... and said "Perumaaley"... the devout Iyengar that she is. I think that situation inspired the title of the movie. Perumaal... makes even less sense than that documentary, but is spicier than that bag of potato chips. 

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Naren's said...

maaaamoii....real guts u got....perumaaalae!!!!!!!!!!!