Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movie Review - Mariyadhai

Why is Mariyadhai like IPL 2?

What do you expect in a VJkanth movie? He has to be a police officer/RAW official/CBI honcho. There has to be a humongous entry fight with a seething captain making 3 lorries spontaneously combust by just looking at their gas tanks. It should have a few gratuitous mentions of Baagisdaan Theeviravadhigal, bees with radio collars that can obey only captain's eye commands and spectacular stunt sequences with captain and victims jumping across continents. And ofcourse a bevy of big-busted heroines irrelevant to the storyline, being charmed out of their clothes by a scorching hot captain.

But then we get Mariyadhai, an excuse for a Vijayakanth Movie... pretty much like IPL season 2 goes for a 'Cricket Tournament'. Imagine Vanathai Pole (The most aggressive thing in that movie was captain's ear hair...), Then imagine Vanathai Pole written by Mahatma Gandhi. That is Mariyadhai. Sad but true... a movie that was released just for sake of the election, and nothing else. Pretty much like IPL was scheduled in South Africa just because of the elections in India. An inefficient, apathetic exercise that fails to inspire even an iota of fervor in the average cricket lover.

Mariyadhai is so bad, that Captain is played down to the extent that the two heroines collectively aggregate more screen time than both his roles. Both heroines are deeply involved in the storyline and are not treated like how a dog treats a lamp-post. Captain's senior role does not even have nose hair... forget ear hair! Captain junior even wears white instead of his usual shades and wear a dhupatta (!!!!) in his love songs. No coolers... no gel... no long coats.. and no bling. The blasphemy! The only thing that hints at the captain we know is when he muscles in a few b-boy moves in the dance with the jasmine girl... in some far eastern country.

Do not watch this movie if you are the average Vijayakanth fan. Captain has been reduced to just a caption... in Comic sans, size 7, pale pink colour. At the end of the movie I felt the only parigaaram for making this movie would be for Gautham Menon to direct Vijayakanth in an inter-gallactic cop thriller. Maybe GM can finish his Cop Trilogy with that idea. But then we don't live in Utopia !! We have IPL2 :-(.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where do we all go wrong?

Essentially the problem in the world is that people take themselves way too seriously. Why do you think there are terrorists bombing buildings? Why are they taking other people hostage? WHy do they demand the realease of other people if the first group of people have to be released? They take themselves, their beliefs, and that people around them way too seriously. They also seem to be thinking that what they are doing is something unique and if they do not do it, no-one else would. Some form of self-aggrandization.

Some people seem to think, teaching each religous group the importance of the other religion / group is going to solve this problem. For example, most of the commentators on TV talk shows recommend teaching the Muslim about Christianity or the Hindu about Islam, is going to reduce tension between the three of them. I disagree. The only valuable lesson that can be taught is that people are always going disagree with each other. They have to be taught that Muslims and Christians have always been fighting. So have the Hindus and Muslims, and so also Greeks and Hindus and before that Hindus and Jains... and before that Shivites and Vaishnavites and around the same time, the HIndus and the Bhuddists. We hence tell people that what they are doign is not goign to change the world. Maybe it would teach them whta they are doing is in no way unique. It is not going to change the world. They would be better off just quitting frightening people and focussing on their own lives. 

That has to be focussed on more, rather than repeatedly saying "Islam stands for Peace in Urdu" or "Hindusims is an all accepting way of life". We are just burying our heads in the sand if we continue saying that.