Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where do we all go wrong?

Essentially the problem in the world is that people take themselves way too seriously. Why do you think there are terrorists bombing buildings? Why are they taking other people hostage? WHy do they demand the realease of other people if the first group of people have to be released? They take themselves, their beliefs, and that people around them way too seriously. They also seem to be thinking that what they are doing is something unique and if they do not do it, no-one else would. Some form of self-aggrandization.

Some people seem to think, teaching each religous group the importance of the other religion / group is going to solve this problem. For example, most of the commentators on TV talk shows recommend teaching the Muslim about Christianity or the Hindu about Islam, is going to reduce tension between the three of them. I disagree. The only valuable lesson that can be taught is that people are always going disagree with each other. They have to be taught that Muslims and Christians have always been fighting. So have the Hindus and Muslims, and so also Greeks and Hindus and before that Hindus and Jains... and before that Shivites and Vaishnavites and around the same time, the HIndus and the Bhuddists. We hence tell people that what they are doign is not goign to change the world. Maybe it would teach them whta they are doing is in no way unique. It is not going to change the world. They would be better off just quitting frightening people and focussing on their own lives. 

That has to be focussed on more, rather than repeatedly saying "Islam stands for Peace in Urdu" or "Hindusims is an all accepting way of life". We are just burying our heads in the sand if we continue saying that.


narendra shenoy said...

Also, we need to be allowed to freely and frankly question the proposition that God exists or that a particular religion is "true". These days, you'll just get shot for that kind of talk.

I recommend Richard Dawkins' "The God Hypothesis" in which he pretty much demolishes the hypothesis that god exists.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Maybe, but I feel that will not solve the problem completely. Saying something does not exist might not solve the problem as effectively as pointing out the futility of what people have been doing for thousands of years.

I think God should exist in the minds of all people whose IQ is below 100. But the problem is that... those are the only people who cause problems... and because of their beliefs.

Kaushik said...

@Narendra - Atheists/agnostics are disallowed/suppressed no more than what theists/believers are allowed to...Because atheists don't really stand up to anything, they are just ignored, doesn't mean they are suppressed. Like Ramana says, it is impossible to arrive at a global consensus on One God or No God, one of which seems the only truth. Nor can we make much sense out of a scenario with Jesus, Mother Mary, Rama, Vishnu, Krishna, Hanuman, Indra, Brahma, Lakshmi, Allah, Buddha, Mahavira, etc inhabiting happily as next-door-neighbors.
Doesn't matter where God exists, God should specifically NOT exist in the minds of sub-100 IQ people. And no, they should not be atheists either. Whatever they follow, it is an insult to that and will anyway cause more problem.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

There are millions of people who derive solace due to their belief in God or related practices. I do not want them to lose their happiness, if they turning them into atheists. Periyar was wrong there. He tried to make the below par Thamizhians into raging non-believers. I am glad most of TN is still theist.

I am of firm belief that if God was taken out of the equation, people would start fighting over the kind of breakfast cereal they have.

The realization that people will always keep fighting over things that will ultimately become unimportant, is the only whole ultimate complete TRUTH.

Aham Brahmasmi. :D