Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Review - Kha (Ghaja)

As the movie title says, Kha does not stand for Ghaja.. it should be Gha for Ghaja... but as Thamizh does not know the difference between Kha and Gha, it cannot be found fault with.

Kha for Ghaja starts with a bang... not the bang that you hear during Diwali, but the bang that you have accounts in. The hero is not shown for the first few minutes.. (director's fear ofcourse... but why fear the inevitable?). The robbery goes as planned and we are shown the beast responsible. VNR (The non de plume of the writer / actor / director / audience) for this magnum opus may never want the populace to know its expansion... but nevertheless fills the screen for the first time. To borrow an expression.. "What chas been seen, cannot be unseen". I would not even hire the auto, if he was an auto driver. Let alone watch his movie.

I have a theory about such movies. See, there are areas in and around Chennai city that have increased in property value a few thousand times. Like for example, some land near Vedandhangal, which no self respecting Chennaiite would even throw garbage on, has increased from 10 paisa per square foot to 3000 psqft. So there are guys who have 30 acres of land here do ? They sell the land, and make Kollywood movies with that money.

They have their disproportionately overgrown sons cavorting around with heroines who look like Ennatha Kannayya in drag. They have storylines that will appeal only to BA history students in Pachayappa's Kalloori... and that too only in the afternoons. They release it in theaters whose seats are fossilized cockroach ejaculations and whose owners use the theaters as tax shelters for the tea shop they have outside the theater.

Ka (Ghaja) is the king of all such movies. I think the guy's father sold the land that not even a cow would piss on... for a few crores, built a hideous looking bungalow, painted it dark magenta and made this movie out of the savings got by painting the inside of the house Agsarcem's Gobi Kalar. Watch this movie if the only other option you have is to spend your time in Bricktop's pigsty.