Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie REview - Kulir 100

It happenned with Sakkarakatti, and now it has happened again with Kulir 100. Thamizh audiences have no trouble with cliches. They can handle the same Vijay movie remade a dozen times and even watch each one at least twice. But you know why that is ? The characters are hackneyed and the setting is identifiable.

Kulir 100, has neither of these. Even though the principal character had the makings of any normal Tamil hero... (slightly uncouth, value friendship, mother worship, aggression... ) the rest of the characters saving his close friend, are caricatures. Unidirectional and completely unidentifiable. So, immediately there is a feeling of aversion that is felt towards the hoity toity.

To make matters worse, the entire story is set in an unrealistic environment. Half the theatre walked out by the time any seriousness got into the movie, understandably.

The story is about an inherently aggressive guy being sent to a boarding school. He develops a few friendships and a few enemies. Gets ragged, falls into love with a crackpot, fights with some overly villainous seniors. The tragedy is senseless, and reeks of desperation on the story writer's part. She just wanted something to happen in an otherwise plain-vanilla storyline. The finale re-confirms this opinion, and you walk out of the theatre with tired smirk.

The good things? Music is passable. Bobo Susi, I feel is the industry's new Iman. He is sure to make music for a few Arjun movies in the near future. The movie is short, in spite of the 5 songs. Location location location... I would have liked to see some wild life. A very ordinary movie trussed up to look like something special. The hype does not hold even for 10 minutes into the movie.