Monday, July 06, 2009

Movie Review - Terminator Salvation

As a rule, I avoid writing English movie reviews unless I either hate or love the movie exceptionally. Terminator 4 is abyssmal. I remember people getting all excited up about Christian Bale becoming part of one more superhero franchise, but then to all those people... bad luck.

With the Terminator franchise already being squeezed to nothingness, I thought the director / story-writers would have come up with something exceptional, either in terms of story or cast to garner some interest. T3 had a woman terminator which drew in a lot of interest. More importantly, it had Sivajinagar in a come-back role. T4 has nothing even remotely interesting, except of course Christian Bale.

He seems disinterested, and is playing Batman yet again with those intense expressions that he uses when he is trying to decide between lime juice and orange juice... it kind of bores you. How did Nick Stahl become Christian Bale? The guy who plays the human robot with a human heart that somehow seems to fuel a computer brain. Or what ? Well, if a pacemaker can control a human heart... why not...? right ? The human heart that controls a machine body can ALSO be donated to another human who would then use it to control a human body. ?? What ??

Story? What is the use of killing Christian Bale, if Skynet already has his yet to be father? Skynet can kill the Bale's father instead, and hence wipe Christian Bale even before he came into existence? There are just so many glaring holes in the story that you can drive one of those hunter - killers through it withing scratching its sides. The entire premise behind the movie sounds so terrible, that the line "The end begins" sounds prophetic. I feel this will be the last of the Terminator movies.

The only thing that was exceptionally good in the movie was Moon Bloodgood's name. She is the only person in the world whose name has three 'oo's sounds. Also Bryce Capricorn Dallas Einstein Howard... doesn't her name sound like an attendance register? Well, I am interested in finding out where she got her make up samaan when the world has been decimated by a nuclear war.

Avoid it. Watch Maayandi Kudumbathinar instead.