Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Review - Aadhavan

Aadhavan is a movie that makes you appreciate the good points of a T. Rajendar movie. You might now wonder what made me say that. Well for one thing, T Rajendar movies reek of shitloads of effort. But try however he might... his movies always suck donkey dong. Aadhavan sucks the dong of that T Rajendar movie. That is how bad it is. Almost like the creators did not want the movie to exist. Lacks effort totally.

There can be no excuse for such a movie. It is a rehashed story. It has rehashed songs from Satyam and Ayan. It has songs shot in similar locations and are also similarly photo shopped. It has Surya in a similar role performing the same stunt sequences in just a different zip code. To top it all, the original and the remix were spaced less than 6 months apart, with no buffer Surya movie in between.

Surya looks boring. I feel he has realized his potential... and is contemplating going the Vijay way. Why would he want to do similar movies 6 months apart if he wants to be considered a decent actor? I support the decision to go the Vijay Way if that is the case.

The Surya as a ten year old... gimmick... comes off well in the sense that it is technically close to perfect. He already has a young face and a little airbrushing removed hair and make him look young. KSR has learnt a bit from the UN while making 10vatharam in making the body proportions right.

Vadivel tries to save the movie. Almost does it. his sense of timing is approaching the Gounder's. Good... and he makes us happy. Ramesh Khanna's role had initially been that of a director. He is not a second comedian. Anyone know why he was demoted ?

Saroja Devi and Nayanthara both look stupid in their roles. 9thara looks more and more like a Thai transvestite. Saroja Devi need not have demeaned herself in this movie. A definite avoid but this warning is probably late. 90% of the population has already watched this travesty. Chennai should get over this craze to watch any movie in the first week.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Unnaipol Oruvan - An interview on Vijay TV

So there was this program on Vijay TV. The title had liberal splatterings of words like ulagam, sagaptham and varalaaru. Of course it had to do with the Ulaganaayagan if you had not guessed that already. The program had people posing questions about his movies and beliefs... expecting candid answers. He usually answers one question with another question. (He feels that this makes him sound smart). But this time he actually answered. It gave me an opportunity to see how confused he actually is.

There was a person who asked him why he had the beard in UPO. His said it was his statement against gross generalizations... that not all bearded guys were Muslims. Yet, he does not have any problem in having as a hero and a teacher, a certain someone who grossly generalized all brahmins as slave traders and all theists as barbarian fools. Hypocrite!

And then there was this question about being brave. He eloquently said the exhibition of Ahimsa is the ultimate form of bravery... and he is trying to be brave. Wow. A film star who is brave in real life too? Lets see how brave.

There was another obvious question about 'Saving Thamizh'. He apparently has very strong opinions on this. He said even learned brahmin ladies would substitute 'sha' for a 'sa'.. as in 'Shaptacha' for 'Saptacha'. This apparently is some sort of travesty in the thamizh world. Very brave I should say... to pick on ladies... right?

A less brave person would have picked on a certain political stalwart who does not even know to pronounce 'zha'. He says "Tamilukkaga Vaalndhu, Thamilukkaga Ulaithu"... AND still manage to get 8.5% of Thamizh votes. Haasar is not a brave person. He is not what he thinks he is.

Haasar... with respect... the guy who has put in 50 years of film service, is no philosopher. He is not even a great thinker as many purport him to be. He is just the above average actor, who can make us laugh... a LOT... and only if he teams up with Crazy Mohan. He is definitely confused... nothing wrong with that is there ? But the point is confused men and their opinions must never be taken seriously. Just enjoy them. Like you would enjoy Vasool Raaja.