Thursday, June 21, 2012

Solpa Fiction: The Bhupathi Situation

AITA Offices:

Khanna: Abheyaar what to do yaar? This saale Madrasi Bhoopathi is creaing such a ruckus?

Lackey 1: Slightly Paes was also a Madrasi.

Khanna: What was that? This guy Bhupathi wants to play only with Boppanna... and this Paes has an automatic entry to Olympics. We can send 2 teams or what?

Lackey 2: So you want to pander to the whims and fancies of players? Instead of handling the situation firmly, you want to suck up to all the players? What kind of a leader are you? If it was me, I would not field a tennis team at all.

Khanna: So that is your solution? To sulk and let India suffer? Though I see your point, it might work in a family but not for a country.

Lackey 3: Bbbutt... there is one person who can solve this problem. He is the man for the hour, a legend, a name spoken only in whispers among sports executives....

<Lalit Modi on the phone: I understand. Will take forever, I will be there in 10, Don't tell Sreenivasan.>

LM: Hi gentlemen.. I am Lalit Modi and I solve problems.

LM: You are Khanna? And this is your organization? Lets get down to brass tacks gentlemen.
Higher seeded player has bad attitude or so says lower players and hence cannot play with him. 
Need to send best "team" to the Olypics to maximize India's chances of winning. 
Whole country talking about this issue about players behaving like brats and AITA not being able to handle them.

Everyone in chorus: YES!

LM: Problem is simple, marketing already done, crowd interest is high, players are behaving badly,
Step 1: Set up match: Mahesh and Bopanna against Paes and whatshisname. Winner goes to Olympics!
Step 2: Sell TV telecast rights for a few gazillion
Step 3: Profit!

Khanna bows his head to the master.
2 months later, LM watches Paes and Hesh beat opposition to pulp in London.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

KH - Nayyaandi on Theism

Here is the full text of the "Kavidhai" KH had written/recited at the Anu Hassan show... Going by the face book fanboy comments this apparently is a literary masterpiece...Here comes the video / text.

Grahanadhi Granahanangal Appaalumey oru Asahaaya Sakthi undaam
Aalukku Aal oru Muzhuppiragirikkiyum Aarukkum Vilangaadhadhaam
Adhai payandhadhai unarndhadhai Thudhippadhuvandri Peridhedhum vazhiyillayam
Naam seidha vinayellam Un seidhadhendradhu Vidhiyondru seivithadhaam
Adhai vella munaivorai sadhi kooda seidhadhu, anbodu oozhserkumaamam
Kurudaaga Sevudaaga Maladaaga Mudamaaga karuserkum Thirumoolamaam
Kushta Guhyam Putra Soolai Moolam endra Kroorangal AdhanSithamaam
Punnil vazhum puzhu punniyam seidhudin pudhujenmam thandharulumaam
Kodikku eeswarargal peridhaaga varundhamal sodhithu gadhi serkumaam
Yezhaikku varudhuyarai Vedikkai parpardhadhin Vaadikkai vilayaadalaam
Nerginra Nervalaam Nervikkum Nayagam porkooda adhan seyalam
Paranigal potridum Uyirkolli Mannarku Dharanithandadhu kaakumaam
400 lakshathin oru vindhai uyirthetri alkulin Sinaiserkumaam
Asurarai pilandhapol Anuvayum pilandhadhu Anugundu seivithadhum
Paradesam vazhnthidum Appaavi manidharai palagaaram seythundadhum
Pillayim kariundu Nambinaarkarilidum Parivaana Parabrahmame
Utraaraum uravinarum Katru Karpithavaru Ulamaaru Thozhusakthiyai
Matravar Vayyubayam Kondu nee potridu Attradhai undendu kol
Aagamkulamoozhgi Mummalam Kazhi Arivai Aathigachalavayum Sey
KottadithuPotrum Maniyadithu Potru Karpoora Aarthiyai
Thayada oosiyir thayyana thantha pin thakkathai thayyaathiru
Uythidum meivazhi udhaseenaththaapin Neyvadhe Nandranin Ney

The first few verses are downright Abraham Kovoor level hatred, shielded with some MooKa range word manipulation/(in tamil:Yealanam). This word-play trend continues through the poem. I like the way it was written.. and in the video, recited... the rhythm is super nice... and can be attained in very few languages...and of course the passion is evident. Funny the way Anu reacts.. it is evident she cannot understand... I am surprised her head does not fall off.

As to the content of the poem, it is effective 'Nayyaandi', but follows the time honored tradition followed by rationalists.. attacking only the 'mooda nambikkais' without attempting to understand the psychology / rationale of why such irrational thoughts were brought in.

Apart from this, I am reminded of  that famous line from Anbe Sivam... "Thaaj Magaal idinju vizhundirichu na... Kaadhale illainu sollida mudiyuma? Andha madhiri daan.. Communisamum Oru feeling daan". Likewise just because there are a few incomprehensible (read:irrational) beliefs associated with Theism, it does not defeat the whole purpose of it.

The belief among most rationalists (read:atheists) is that believing in an omnipotent entity  is retrograde from one point of view. What they must also understand is that attacking said entity based on beliefs/practices is equally retrograde. Attack/defend the psychology behind it...  that would be more progressive.

Monday, June 04, 2012

The math of a KH Q-A session...

I am a veteran of around 100 KH interviews. Over 20 years. I find it difficult to wait for him to answer any question posed. So, I have devised a simple algorithm based on empirical data so that you directly access that part of the interview where he answers. The rest.. is just the set-up. Enjoyable, but irrelevant to the question.